Author Interview: Juliana Mae

Juliana Mae

Juliana Mae is one of our own Miss Lits who has published PATTON PENDING, the sequel to THE WAY HE LOOKS AT ME. She dished out some solid writing advice and told us what you can look forward to seeing from her next!

MISS LITERATI: The opening paragraph of this book is a total game-changer and a sign of all the drama that’s to come in the novel! How was writing Patton Pending compared to the first novel, The Way He Looks at Me?

JULIANA MAE: I think it was easier than the first. I had more experience, and I knew the characters better and had a stronger idea of where the story was going.

MISS LITERATI: What is it you admire most about your main character, Annie?

JULIANA MAE: Definitely how outgoing she is! I love her bubbly personality. I wish I could be more like her in that way.

MISS LITERATI: Describe Patton Pending in only 5 words.

JULIANA MAE: That’s so hard! I love that, though! Um… (After much thought…) Game changing and swoon worthy.

MISS LITERATI: Which of the characters in this book was your favorite to write about and why?

JULIANA MAE: Definitely, definitely Hayden! I mean, he’s the perfect, ideal guy. I was swooning just as much as Annie when I was writing about him.

MISS LITERATI: Have you ever experienced writer’s block? Do you have any advice about how to overcome it?

JULIANA MAE: Yes! I think it’s very, very important to make yourself work through it. You have to take away distractions, sit at your desk, and make yourself think about it until something comes. Alternatively just start writing, even if you feel like you can’t think of anything, or anything good. I know that doesn’t seem to make much sense, but it will when you sit down and do it. Once you get started, it’ll get easier. You just have to keep on it.

MISS LITERATI: This book’s ending was nothing short of perfect. Do you have any plans to keep this series going? Are you working on any other books you can tell us about?

JULIANA MAE: I don’t have any plans, but I’m a very spur of the moment kind of person, so I’m not saying that I won’t. If I get an idea and I decide I want to follow through with it, then I will. In the meantime, though, I already have plans for some of the characters to appear in other books I’m working on.

March 1st, I released a preview of a poetry ebook in honor of poetry month. It’s called Deeper Water. The full length version is called In Deeper Water and that will be available in print and eBook at some point in time. I’m also working on editing a book called After Midnight, which was originally a Harry Styles fanfic called Stay With Me (which you can read now on Miss Literati. ;D).

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