Jamie McGuire's ‘Beautiful Disaster’ Will Become A Movie!

Jamie McGuire's ‘Beautiful Disaster’ Will Become A Movie!

Author Jamie McGuire writes about a college girl named Abby Abernathy, who tries to move on from a dark past by becoming the nice girl.

Her biggest crush, which is the mysterious bad boy Travis Maddox, decides to make a big bet with her, which can lead to huge consequences for the loser. But which character will have the most willpower?

The book has already sold over 200,000 copies, and it was originally self-published as an eBook. It was even included in The New York Times’ Best Seller list. After the ongoing battle between Warner Bros. and CBS Films for book rights, it was recently announced that the Warner Bros. came out on top and plans to do the film adaptation! We also hear that film producer Donald De Line, who has produced Green Lanterns and The Jetsons, will be involved in the making of the movie!

Are you excited to see the film adaptation of Beautiful Disaster?

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