Book Review: AUTUMN'S KISS


If you were a fan of Bella Thorne’s first novel, AUTUMN FALLS, then you’ve simply got to continue reading the sequel, AUTUMN’S KISS. All of your favorite characters are back, and the squad gets up to fun new adventures that you never saw coming!

In the first book, Autumn finds a way to reconnect with her father, who recently passed away, by writing in his leatherbound journal. She soon discovers that the wishes and dreams she writes down in her dad’s notebook magically come true – and she gets in a little bit of trouble when she finds out that she somehow has powers to manipulate her friends’ lives. Well, when we pick up in the second book, Autumn’s diary doesn’t have any special powers anymore. No matter what she writes in the book, it all might as well just be scribbles, doodles, or chem notes, because nothing changes in real life when her pen hits the paper.

But don’t for a second think Autumn has lost her supernatural connection to her dad – or her ability to meddle in her friends’ love lives – when her journal stops being a magic portal. After some poking around and chatting with her grandma, Autumn discovers an awesome new relic, and a way to transport herself into other peoples’ lives. It’s even better than the journal!

Autumn’s newfound discovery allows her to reconnect with the old friends she left back home when she moved to her new city, but her relationships and friendships at her new school turn all topsy turvy. She discovers that the BFFs – and guy! – who she thought have been loyal to her all along may not be who they think they are. Autumn struggles with deciding if her dream guy Sean is an essential part of her fairy-tale romance, or if he’s just not meant to be – especially when another guy who’s been right under her nose the whole time expresses interest in her.

Will she watch her friends lose sight of her and themselves after she starts messing with her new special abilities? Pick up AUTUMN’S KISS to find out!

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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