Book Review: DAMAGE DONE


In Amanda Panitch’s DAMAGE DONE, Julia Vann has a twin brother, Ryan, who has done many dangerous things and has even killed. Her family moves to a new town, hoping that no one will know them there, especially when it comes to all of the horrible things Ryan has done. Where they live now, the memory of her brother’s bad things still continue. DAMAGE DONE is a really good book and I couldn’t stop reading it.

Ryan gets therapy sessions because of all the dangerous things he has done. One time, when Ryan was in the 5th grade, he did the most horrific thing a person can do to someone Julia knew. Ryan gets locked up in jail, but his sister says that she kind of misses her brother despite what he has done.

I really liked how in the book, after every chapter it showed her brother’s therapy sessions with Dr. Spence. It was interesting reading what he was saying about everything. My favorite character would have to be Julia. She was my favorite because she was so strong going through all the stuff she went through with her brother, and even though he has done some crazy things, she still loves him.

DAMAGE DONE is a really good thriller/mystery. I could not stop reading it, it was so good. I definitely recommend it to people who love thrillers.

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This review was written by our own Miss Lit, bbwatersheart

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