Book Review: DOWN BY LAW


Isis Carter has a rough life. She has had to learn early how to survive on the streets with mean girls putting her down and emotionally beating her up, her brother dying and much more family drama, she has had to fend for herself. It seems as though every time she seeks guidance and confides in someone, that person then turns their back on her.

From a young age, Isis learned that the world can have some pretty terrible things go on in it. Her father basically abandons her for an entirely new family and her mother bailed on her after Isis’ younger brother is killed. She was only sixteen years old. She tries to move past it all by looking out for herself, acting tough and independent. She even finds herself connecting romantically with Fresh, a bad boy around the streets.

While Isis knows Fresh isn’t the greatest influence on her, she finds comfort when she is with him. But, when she gets in trouble with the law she must take a step back. She must figure out what to do before this whole thing destroys the only future she has left.

I really enjoyed this book because it is realistic. The drama, the love, the action is all interesting and captivating. At times you just want to grab the characters and ask them why they are doing what they are doing. But, Isis has been through a lot as a character and I think she teaches a few important lessons to the readers. One being that you never know how someone will handle something unless you’ve been in the same position so you cannot judge other people. Isis covers up the hurt that she has inside from her brother dying and her parents leaving her and uses that hurt in other forms to cope. I found myself wondering why she would do such things like hook up with Fresh or do things she knew she could get trouble by. But, I found that was her coping mechanism.

I also liked the way that this book kind of taught readers that independence is the most important thing. You need to be independent to survive. You can’t rely on anyone else.

I really liked the way the characters talked with each other. There was a ton of dialogue and banter that the read was fast and upbeat. The way the story is written makes you engaged and flipping the pages. It really captures the idea and life of what it is like to live and grow up in a big city. It gives the readers the pressures that these city kids face but also the stereotypes and judgments from others that they must deal with as well. I think readers will really enjoy this book!

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Written By Alex Riccardi

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