There are times when you get thrown some major curve-balls in life and when everything you’ve ever known is suddenly gone, you have to decide what you’re going to do next. In NOT AFTER EVERYTHING by Michelle Levy, a tragedy forever changes Tyler’s life and with the help of an old friend, he learns the true meaning of what it means to be alive, happy and loved.

Tyler had everything going for him: he was set with a football scholarship to the prestigious Stanford University, was popular in school and had a girlfriend who would do anything for him. One day, he comes home to terrifying truth that his mother has killed herself and Tyler’s life is completely shattered. He was especially close to his mom, since his dad is a verbally, mentally and physically abusive alcoholic and Tyler’s mom was the one who was always there for him. He not only is the one to discover his mom’s body, but he carries blame for her death, something his father constantly reminds him of.

It is now Tyler’s senior year of high school but he has quit football, doesn’t want to deal with his insensitive girlfriend and finds himself having to work a few jobs in order to pay for everything he needs since his dad refuses to help him out. When he lands a job at a local photography studio, he instantly hits it off with the super cool owner, but it’s the owner’s step-daughter who doesn’t make things easy for Tyler. Jordyn is one of Tyler’s classmates he hasn’t always been nice to and little does he know, they actually share a special past together.

Jordyn and Tyler do not see eye to eye at first but slowly, they develop a friendship and Tyler soon realizes this might be the only real friendship he has ever had. The relationship between these two characters just feels so authentic and being able to see how much they encourage each other and how they infinitely affect each other’s lives is one of the highlights of this book. This story has a protagonist who feels completely and utterly damaged, and yet by the time you reach the last page, you will be filled with a sense of hope. Tyler’s journey is a special one and Michelle Levy has created a story that will totally break your heart and then put it back together in a truly beautiful way. You might shed a few tears during the final chapter. Just putting that out there.

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Written by Jennifer Maldonado

Warning Miss Lits: This book deals with domestic violence and contains some mature language.

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