Miss Lit’s very own Juliana Mae is back with PATTON PENDING, the sequel to her novel, THE WAY HE LOOKS AT ME and she picks up the drama right where it all left off.

Once again, we follow Annie on her journey as she navigates the music world and continues on her path to finding true love. She thinks she finally has everything all figured out when she chooses Hayden over Colt and has broken the love triangle she fond herself in. Except now, there’s someone else: Dathan. That’s right, the guy who has stuck by her side and been her reliable best friend she could always count on is now someone she’s seeing in a whole new light. And it all just adds yet another layer of drama! Being torn between a few super cute, hugely talented, all around nice guys who all have a thing for you is never really a bad situation.

Juliana really has a way of creating scenes that simply feel so real. Annie is living this rather exciting life, hanging out with rock stars, and it’s something most girls would only ever dream of. But Juliana has mastered writing these characters’ stories so that it all feels authentic, and it’s as if Annie and all of her extraordinary boy drama is something that anyone can relate to.

The ending of this novel is nothing short of perfect and it will be interesting to see how readers react to Annie’s final decision.

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