SIX IMPOSSIBLE THINGS by Fiona Wood is about Dan Cereill, a fourteen year old boy whose life is falling apart. His dad just lost his savings, came out as gay and is moving out. So now his parents are getting divorced, his mother’s business is failing, he must move and start at a new school and make new friends. Even though his life is in pieces he has narrowed it down, for now, to six impossible things.

I really enjoyed this book because the characters were so real. They had real emotions and reactions to difficult situations. Dan was the character in the book that I was routing for the entire time. When he fell head over heels for his neighbor Estelle I wanted him to take her to the dance at the end of the book. When he fumbled with his words around her I wanted him to straighten up and fix it. It was great to see how he develops maturity throughout the book and deals with and doesn’t deal with certain issues in his life.

I found that even though I didn’t really care for Dan’s mother as she neglected him and didn’t see how hard Dan was trying to make her happy she was probably the most real character throughout the book.

The words and dialogue were witty and charming. They added a sense of humor to this book that would have been quite depressing if it weren’t for the language and the hilariousness than comes along with being in the awkward stage of your teen years. The whole story line was interesting and I felt like it was loosely based on Cinderella, Dan being Cinderella. The book moved along quickly and it got the reader hooked from the first page.

It was the realization that Dan’s life was being completely turned upside down that grabbed my attention. He had the perfect little family and then when everything started to go wrong you wonder how he is going to pull himself out of this. It was a great read and I highly recommend it to anyone!

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Written By Alex Riccardi

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