THE DIFFERENT GIRL by Gordon Dahlquist is a fantastically unique science fiction tale. The mystery that surrounds the entire story and its characters is addicting and we found ourselves unable to put the book down!

Four girls, Veronkia, Caroline, Isobel and Eleanor, live on an island with their caretakers, Robbert and Irene. The girls are seemingly identical in every aspect of their lives. They look the same – except for a drastic difference in their hair colors – do the same things, and think the same way. They live life peacefully and have never questioned their routines.

All that changes however, when May washes ashore. She’s different than the others and is not so willing to accept things the way they are. She is fueled with anger and her questions are never ending.

Her presence isn’t well received on the island, Robbert and Irene flee after catching sight of her, and there is a mysterious aura about the different girl.

Gordon did a fantastic job of building his characters’ emotions. For example, when May washed up on shore, she initially did not like the four girls. She was skeptical and afraid of who they were. However, after a gradual and realistic build of trust, May warms up to them.

While the novel is not an action-packed read, it does have its moments of suspense and wonder. There were a couple aspects of the plot that were left unanswered and we’re seriously hoping there’s a sequel to this novel!

If you’re looking for a realistic science fiction read, check out THE DIFFERENT GIRL.

Written by Virginia Van de Wall

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