Jennifer Donnelly takes us way back to New York City in the late 1800s in her latest historical fiction novel, THESE SHALLOW GRAVES. A murder mystery, tons of secrets that unfold in totally shocking ways, and a heroine who will stick with you long after you read about her adventure, this book is definitely one that takes you on a wild, fun, and most importantly, thought-provoking ride.

THESE SHALLOW GRAVES tells the story of Jo Montfort, a beautiful, wealthy girl who is just about to be done with finishing school and is expected to be married off to a wealthy guy. But she has other plans in mind. Jo longs to be a journalist, and her father just so happens to own a newspaper. Unfortunately, he dies suddenly, accidentally shooting himself while cleaning his gun. Jo finds this quite suspicious, as it was unlike her father to be so careless, and although her uncle claims it was an accident, Jo decides to get to the bottom of what really happened to her father: She knows he was murdered.

Jo begins searching for the person who killed her dad and while on this hunt, she meets some interesting characters like Fay, a thief who ends up becoming one of Jo’s friends, and Eddie, the swoon-worthy, handsome journalist who worked at her father’s newspaper and decides to help Jo uncover the truth. Soon, a romance brews between them and while the chemistry between Jo and Eddie is off the charts, they have a deep level of understanding of one another that really creates scenes that will have your heart fluttering. They’re definitely one of our new fave fictional couples!
There are plenty of twists and turns throughout this book, but what really makes the story so memorable is the way it unfolds. There is an element of friendship, mystery, and romance, all while Jo remains true to herself and unwavering in her desire to achieve her dreams and do what she thinks is right for her life. It’s refreshing to see a heroine like this: Jo manages to be so self-assured and confident, and yet still learns things about herself and the world she lives in, while making proactive choices in her life, despite what others want her to do. THESE SHALLOW GRAVES is skillfully-paced novel that has the perfect mixture of mystery, romance, suspense, and characters that really grow and transform throughout the course of the story with an ending that is truly one that will leave a satisfied smile on your face.

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