If you’re anything like us, you finished reading Rebecca Serle’s Famous In Love and immediately needed to know what happens next. The second book in the series, Truly Madly Famously, delivers exactly what we were craving – and takes the saga in exciting new directions!

We were first introduced to the main character, Paige Townsen, when she was an unknown actress cast in the next big thing blockbuster film franchise. But the second book shows us exactly how Paige’s life dramatically changes when she is done filming and all of a sudden she is in the public eye, where everyone wants to know every little detail of her life. There are snap-happy paparazzi waiting for her at every turn she takes, trying to capture her every move, waiting for her to make a mistake or juicy tabloid headline –  and that includes everything to do with her relationship with her co-star, Rainer Devon.

Paige quickly realizes that there’s a difference between having a boyfriend and having a very public, high-profile relationship broadcast for the entire world to see. While she just wants to enjoy her time with her guy, her red carpet appearances with Rainer actually have to be very calculated, especially since fans already have pre-existing ideas of themas a pair, based on their movie characters’ fictional romance. When she starts to realize that she may have feelings for her other co-star, Jordan Wilder, she doesn’t know if she can explore them, especially since it could mean risking everything. She can’t ignore the electric chemistry between them, but she has a really good thing going with Rainer – and doesn’t want to completely ruin the on-set vibe to make filming the movie franchise a total nightmare.

Paige also struggles with making new friends in Hollywood, including the A-list elite actresses she knows she has to make nice with. She doesn’t know who is genuine and who is a backstabber in disguise! 

We have a feeling you’re going to love the twists and turns in Truly Madly Famously – especially the plot twists you never saw coming after reading Famous In Love!

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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