Chapter 5 of You’ve got that One Thing <3

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(Tori’s P.O.V.)
I woke up to the sound of teenage boys fighting. I woke up and walked downstairs to see everyone in just their boxers.
“AHHH I’M BLIND!!! OH GOD PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!” I screamed the boys laughed and everyone except Niall ran upstairs.
“So Tori I know I’ve only known you for a day.. but will you please go out with me?” He asked. I smiled and told him that if he put some clothes on I would say yes.
“You like this sexy body don’t you?” He said before running upstairs. I laughed and started to fix me something to eat. Okay well Liz likes Niall but she likes Harry too. Yea it’s okay she won’t mind…. will she. Louis came down first.
“So are you and Niall dating?” He asked, jumping on the counter to sit.
“Yea but don’t tell the other boys yet.” I said looking at him. He smiled a little and said okay. Harry came down next and fixed him something to eat to. He didn’t even say hello. What’s up with him?
(Harry’s P.O.V.)
I really liked Tori, but I overheard her and Louis conversation she can’t know I did though. But I can’t come between them, when they break up they break up, then I can go after her. Unless…. I get Liz down here. No I can’t do that. I don’t even know her number. Tori sighed and walked up stairs. I should’ve just said hi. But right now it’s hard to talk. Niall came running down with Liam.
(Tori’s P.O.V.)
I went and changed into this. http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_14/set?id=51182101 . Then ran downstairs to see all the boys plus Danielle and Eleanor already dressed and down here. I looked at Niall and laughed seems like we had the same shirt on. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=51182888 . He laughed as well, while everyone else just stared.

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