act like a stripper

Chapter 2 of the abusive pain A princeton love story

mybooprodigy by mybooprodigy

you went upstair and got dressed roc got you out somethin to wear but you didnt like it butty shorts with a chop shirt tht said play with me

roc: hurry up yn

you: im coming


you: ill get it

roc: i told yo *** about gettin the door

he got the door and it was rayray and prod prince

roc: welcome to the house of roc

ray: so whats this i herd about a stripper

roc: not just any stripper

prod: were that stripper at

prince: man i love dem strippers

roc: word prince

ray: so lets get this lap dancin started

prince: right cuz i brought 3 of them bad asses

roc: really who

prince: BRING YALL *** IN HERE

you seen 3 girls walk in

prince: this mya

mya: hi

prince: this is shayshay

shay: sup

prince: and this here is nicki

nicki: chu

roc: i got me a bad *** *** GET YO *** OUT HERE

yn: comin

roc: this yn my main stripper ain that right

he slowly pulls your hair

yn: yes big daddy

roc: you see

prod: so what we waitin on get the music on and yall hoes get to dancin

ray: word get on the pole

roc: oh we not in the front room the poles in the basement

prince: bye get yall asses down there

the three girls go in the basement and you go to

ray: what song

roc: lap dance by tyga

he turned on the music and yall started dancin

ray: yo roc yn *** big as ****

roc: i know right

prince: yo nicki give my ***** roc a dance

nicki: yes master

prince: mya you got ray

mya: si papi

prince: shay you on prod

shay: yes daddy

roc: yn got to prince

you went over to prince and gave him a lap dance everyone was havin fun but you

prince: why you not happy

yn: because that not in my emotion system

roc: you im goin to the room come on nicki

nicki: (smile) ok

ray: me too come on mya

mya: kk

prod: yea same here come on shay

they went upstairs to the rooms you and prince stayed in the basement

prince: you can stop if you want to

you: thank you prince

prince: so you wanna tell why you datin roc

you: im not datin him

prince: why you with him

you: cause thats my brother

prince: roc is your brother

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