And Were Alone Again. Time To Think This Through.

Chapter 7 of Jacob Perez’s Son

__mindlesslinda by __mindlesslinda

(When they get home)
(Kai started jumping and turns on the music meanwhile everyone is just staring at her.)
Jacob: Does she always do this?
Leah: Pshhh, does she always do this? It’s Kai. When does she ever NOT do this.
(Linda and Lele giggle and start helping Kai decorating. After a few minutes Leah and Jake help as well.)

(After decorating the hour for what seemed forever, Linda, Jake, Lele, Leah and Kai ate and the girls left Linda and Jake alone because they had to do some things.)
Jacob: So……
Linda: Yeah…..
Jacob: Why is it awkward……
Linda: I don’t know……
(Jacob looks at her, and Linda then looks at him. They lean in.
BAM! They bumped heads.)
Linda: Ouch. I wasn’t looking forward to that. I was hoping for some lip action.
(She starts rubbing her head and giggles. She kisses Jake’s forehead and looks into his eyes. Jake leans in and kisses her soft lips.)
Linda: (Oh my gosh, his lips are perfect. I want to kiss him all day long. Why did he break the kiss? That fool, I demand for more!)
Jacob: Uhh, I have a problem? (Looks down)
Linda: Huh? What’s wrong? (Looks at where his eyes are.) Ohh…… I can always help you with that, ya’ know? (Winks)
Jacob: (Looks up) Really? (Excited)
Linda: Don’t get too excited now, your always excited (Looks down and laughs)
Jacob: Oh, your gonna get it! (Tickles her)
Linda: (Laughing) Stop…….. Stop……. STOP! (Still laughing)
Jacob: (Stops and looks into her eyes. Gosh, she’s beautiful. I miss her so much. I need to make her mine) So uhhh, have you thought about us?
Linda: (Gets serious) Uhh yeah.
Jacob: (Looks at her) Well…..?
Linda: Well what?
Jacob: What about us?
Linda: (Gets up) I don’t know. I’m still scared of being with you.
Jacob: (Looks down) It hurts me that you think I’m going to hurt you again.
Linda: (Looks down as well) I’m sorry. But hey, I think I ‘m ready to be in a relationship with you again, I just don’t think I’m ready for everything….
Jacob: (Looks up) Are you referring to s3x?
Linda: (Giggles) No, my body is ready for that! (Looks at Ralphy, She named Jacob’s “buddy” that when they first made love)
Jacob: (smirks) Really? (Winks and gets closer)
Linda: (Looks up) Are you trying to seduce me?
Jacob: Depends, are you seduceable? (GOT THAT FROM A WALK TO REMEMBER)
Linda: (Giggles) How about you find out? (Gets even closer)
Jacob: (Picks her up and places his hands around her waist)
Linda: (Warps her arms and legs around Jacob and kisses him)
Jacob: (Takes her to the bedroom)
Things lead to this, things lead to that, I think you know what. ;)

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