Beach Trip

Chapter 12 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

Emma, James, Carlyn and Teddy were planning to go to the beach for the day. It was a fairy beach so they could practice their powers. “Im so excited for today!” said Emma as she was making sandwiches with Carlyn. “So am I, We get to chill out by the ocean and practice our elements! also with our guy friends.” Said Carlyn dreamily. “So, you and Teddy?” said Emma grinning. “look, i do like him but, logan was my first boyfriend. and now that he is gone.” said Carlyn not making eye contact. “Its ok, I understand.” said Emma giving Carlyn a hug. “so you driving or me?” asked James as they were packing the cooler. “Why cant we just make the girls drive?” asked Teddy as he dumped a bag of ice into the cooler. “Dude, Emma can basically freeze us in a water coma and Carlyn can melt our faces off.” said Jason grinning at Teddy. “Yeah i think its safer if you drive.” laughed Teddy. Just then, Emma and Carlyn came up carrying a bag with snacks in them. " Ready to go?" Asked Carlyn. James nodded. They packed up the car and headed off. James was driving, Emma in the passenger seat while Carlyn and Teddy were in the back. After about three hours they finally got to the beach. “why didn’t we just fly?” Asked Emma lugging the cooler toward the shining sand. “Do you want to fly and Carry all this stuff?” asked James looking at all the bags. “Fair point.” said Carlyn getting the bag of snacks out of the trunk. “Hey who is that?” asked Teddy looking toward the beach where a woman sat down on a towel brushing her hair. “Only faires know about this place. Wait a minute. Is that who i think it is?” said James taken back. “Its Julliana.” Gasped Emma and Carlyn. Just then Julianna came walking towards them smiling.

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