Being Fake Ain’t Gon’ Get You No Where!

Chapter 14 of Living My Life As A Popstar (** Love Story)

MindlesslyJay143 by MindlesslyJay143

Pretend this is like Bad Girls Club..Yeah,there’s drama…

Kiannah’s POV

I overheard Pinky wanna fight me.I heard her and Zonnique talking in their room and I heard everything!

Bahja and Zonnique’s Conversation

“I swear I hate that ugly bítch so much.Oooh she gonna get slapped Nique…”,Bahja said.

“Bahja,I think you’re going to far with this.She’s just starting in the music and doing these things is making our generation of music look bad also.”,Zonnique said.Wait,Zonnique is cool with me?

“No Zonnique.She’s been talking shít for the longest an-

“You have too.Two wrongs don’t make a right”,Zonnique said.

“And two rights don’t make a left so I’mma gonna settle this,slap her,punch her in her face,and teach her who’s boss.”,Bahja said.That made me so angry! I wanted to run in there,wrap her fake hair around my hand and sweep her on the ground.She’ll make a great quicker picker upper.

“Bahja do not do this!”,Zonnique yelled sternly

“I CAN’T HEAR YOU THE MUSIC IS TOO LOUD”,Bahja said putting her beats on her ears walking out the room.I jetted to Prince’s room and slammed the door.I slid down the wall breathing in and out in an angry tone.

Present Time

“Do you need to scream?”,Prince asked.

“Yes,please”,I said.I signaled him to put his hands over his ears and he read what I said.He did as so.

I let out a loud piercing scream that felt like it hurt my vocal chords.Then went over to Prince and took his hands of his ears.I sat between his legs and he started doing my hair.

“Babe can you do my hair?”,I asked him.

“What do you want me to do?”,He asked.

“Put it in a bun”,I said.

“Ugh….Why”,He whined.

“Please…For me”,I pouted.

“Fine,only for you”,He said smiling.I smiled back.He took my scrunchie and started fixing my hair.

5 Minutes Later

“You’re all done”,He finished my hair.I checked my hair in the mirror.I smiled in pleasure.

“Wow! You only fluff your hair but my hair is perfect!”,I complemented him.He smiled and kissed my cheek.

“So what’s up with you and Bahja?”

“Ugh.Don’t mention that attention 101 whóre…She just don’t like me cuz we have a thing.She needs to stop doing this thing because it’s not working.She is trying to get to me in so many ways and they’re not working so what ever she’s trying to pull,she needs to try harder than that….Oh and she wanna fight me!? I didn’t forget about that.I wasnt her to come.”,I said clapping my hands and bopping my head at the same time.I put my sweat outfit on.

 photo y1-3_zps010935df.jpg

“Baby,are you SURE you want to rock Bahja in her face?”,He asked me.

“Yes…And I’m going to….”,I said.I walked down the halls like a boss and I felt Prince walking behind me.I went downstairs past the living room where I saw Corahn,Roc,Ray,Prod,Babydoll,Keona and Gabby downstairs all looking at me.

“What’s wrong sis?”,Gabby asked me.

“Imma beat a bítch that’s what’s wrong!”,I said walking past.They all got up and they followed me.Finally we got to Bahja’s door.I knocked rapidly.

“BAHJA GET YA ÁSS OUT HERE RIGHT NOW!”,I yelled.I put my hands on my hips and waited for her to come out.I whispered to the crew behind me.

“Imma need y’all to move back cuz it’s finna get heated”,I said as they laughed.Finally her door opened.She looked at me,rolled her eyes,and everyone else.

“Hey Prince,Ray,Roc,Prod,and Corahn! ",She said acting like we weren’t there.The boys didn’t answer.

“Now,what do y’all want? Oh,you,what do YOU want?”,She said to me.

“So,I heard you wanted to punch me in my face”,I said getting in her face.I heard everybody back at least 4 inches away from me and her.

“Where’d you hear that from?”,She asked with a huge attitude.I turned to my crew with a huge smile

“You hear the bullshít that comes out this bítch mouth?”,I said chuckling.

“First of all Kiannah,AKA Molly the Maid-

“First of all stop trynna be like Joselin Spanish áss. No,you mad fake like be yourself Bahja. No wonder why Zonnique don’t like you because you always think you run the spot like stop child. GO BACK TO ATL! NO.ONE.LIKES.YOU ATTENTION WHÓRE! PLEASE STOP BEING OTHER PEOPLE”,I said clapping between my words.

“Take a swing already child”,Gabby said.

“NO BECAUSE SHE KNOWS SHE CAN’T HIT ME!”,Bahja yelled at me and laughed.I looked at everyone and laughed.I looked Bahja in the face and slapped her.

“Ooooh”,everyone said.I wrapped her hair around my wrist and dropped her.I carried her on the ground and moved her back and forth.

“SWEEP THE FLOOR MOTHAFUCKÁ!!”,I yelled in her face.She slapped me back.

“Oh hell naw!”,Gabby and KeKe said.They jumped in and started kicking and clawing at Bahja. Then they finally got off.

“Bahja,when you stop being a Joselin,holla back girl ok? KK…”,I said walking off upstairs like a boss.She needs to stop being Joselin from Love and Hip Hop and be Bahja.If she learned that,she would be perfect! But no,Bahja wanna be fake,well being fake ain’t gon’ get you no where!

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