Book Club

Chapter 7 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

Julianna was officially out of book club and carlyn was put in. Logan, Emma, James and Carlyn were on the roof of the school. " OMG, are you going to push me off the roof like Emma!" shouted Carlyn exited. " Yup, May i do the honors?" asked logan. " YES YES YES!" shouted Carlyn happier than ever. they counted to three and pushed her off the roof. Carlyn thought of fire, and a pair of bright red flaming wings grew on her back. Everyone jumped off the roof to join her. " This is amazing!" screamed Carlyn. Carlyn held hands with logan while Emma held hands with James as they soared through the sky. but everything good has to come to an end. James and logan were racing and Carlyn was helping take time. Emma was soaring and made her wings disappear. " Hey Emma." said a shady voice from behind. It was Julianna. " Oh, Hey. sorry we kicked you out of book club but we needed the room for carlyn." said emma. " oh… Right, her. Anyway i was wondering if you want to go spend the night at my place tonight." said Julianna trying to change the subject. " I would love to." said emma. " well then lets go." they went to Juliana’s house and snuck to her basement. " oh we should do make overs!" said Julianna. “ok, who first?” asked Emma. " i will give you a make over." said julianna she put a mask on Emma’s eyes and took a hat. she put the hat on emma’s head and pressed a button. “Ok Emma how do you feel?” asked Julianna. “I feel like never before.” Said emma with a wicked smile. She grew a pair of wings. but instead of being light blue and sparkly, they were jet black. Julianna did it. She turned Emma evil.

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