Chapter Fifteen – Shay

Chapter 15 of Duskville: The Revenge

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Shay had never understood what people meant about silence being loud until then.

No one spoke a word the ride back. The car was like a bottle filled with too much pressure, and Shay could feel the cap being twisted on tighter and tighter. She felt as if anyone made a noise, it would burst.

She had thought the silence would be a good thing at first because then she might be able to take a nap. Even the darkness of the forest could not calm her enough to let her sleep, and since no one talked, her mind was taken over by the thoughts she always tried so hard to suppress.

Kendall. She was back.

Kendall, who had forced Shay to remember her worst nightmares and then stolen her powers. Who had gotten Shay and the others taken back to Duskville. Shay blamed her for everything else that had happened after that. Jack’s injuries from fighting the werewolf. Rowan’s death. Matt’s death.

And now she had the nerve to come to Shay’s new home and threaten the people that Shay had sworn to protect. Shay hadn’t done anything to stop her before, but this time she wasn’t going to stand by and let her get away with it.

The interior lights of the Hummer began to flicker and the radio was switching rapidly from station to station. Shay was holding herself to tense and straight that her body had begun to tremble. Her hands curled over her knees and her nails dug into the skin beneath her jumpsuit. Her celestite was warm and pulsing against her skin. She didn’t want to give in though. She had too much power stored inside her and she wanted to release it. She wanted Kendall to pay.

“Shay! You need to calm down!”

Hands clamped down hard on both of her shoulders and shook her. Her head snapped back and forth like that of a bobble head. It hurt and she wanted it to stop, but the hands didn’t listen. They continued to shake her.

“Stop!” Shay snapped.

A wave of dark energy hit Vivienne and slammed her against the inside wall. The Hummer rocked once and Ace swerved to avoid hitting a tree. The unsettling silence settled again.

Shay’s celestite was cooling. Her negative energy was gone and her mind was clear. Her eyes wide were and vulnerable as she stared at Vivienne. She wasn’t hurt, but the shock and fear on her face at that moment stung Shay more than any physical mark could have.

She raised her hands and looked at them as if they were poisonous snakes.

Gifts? What you speak of are curses.

“Shay, I’m okay. It . . . It was an accident. You didn’t mean—”

Shay didn’t want to listen to the excuses that Vivienne offered her. She couldn’t listen to them. One word kept repeating in her mind, blocking out everything else. Curse.

Vivienne extended a hand cautiously, and Shay recoiled.

Vivienne pulled back. Fear resurfaced in her eyes. Fear of being hurt again.

Shay couldn’t look at her anymore. She couldn’t look at someone who saw her as . . . as . . . an abomination. Mother Ophelia had said that about Vivienne, but she really should have used it to describe Shay.

That was what she felt like at that moment. An abomination. It wasn’t Kendall’s fault that people kept getting hurt around her. It was her own. She was the one causing all the pain and anguish. All the negative energy inside of her . . . She was the bottle filled with too much pressure. Her anger made her lash out with her powers, and she couldn’t control it.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” Shay stammered.

She unbuckled her seatbelt and bolted past Sienna’s empty seat before anyone else realized what she was doing. She threw the door open, but she didn’t have to jump. The force itself dragged her out of the car.

She was flipped and tossed and pulled every which way, feeling as if the air were playing a vicious game of tug-o-war with her body. She hit the ground hard and dirt sprayed up. There was a sharp pain in the same shoulder the metal trash can lid had hit, and branches and rocks tore at her skin and clothes.

Shay lay there for a moment, her chest heaving and tears flowing freely down her pale cheeks.

The Hummer came to a sudden stop.

Shay’s legs slipped beneath her as they tried to find purchase on the ground. She needed to get away. She couldn’t look at Vivienne’s face anymore. She was an abomination. A curse. She was no worse than Kendall.

She grabbed onto a tree to help her stand. She made it only a few feet before she collapsed again. Darkness rose over her like a great wave and then crashed down, dragging her under.

She was finally able to sleep.

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