Chapter Fifty Seven – Anna

Chapter 57 of Duskville: The Revenge

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Anna crept through the trees, watching the little blonde girl through the living room window.

Take them out one by one. Those had been Kendall’s instructions.

It hadn’t been that hard to find the mansion, even with the spells that been set up to shield its location. The walls had been a piece of cake. The wards had been the problem. Designed to keep out any magical being it didn’t recognize, it had felt like a solid brick wall when Anna had run into it.

But they’d been weak. The other blonde, the one with the golden hair, had taken them down for her ridiculous party and when she’d put them back up, she’d been clumsy. It hadn’t taken Kendall too long to break them.

The house itself was absolutely beautiful, and the grounds it sat on were breathtaking. Anna had never had a house like that—at least not that she could remember.

She’d enjoy burning it to the ground.

Anna’s lips skinned back from her teeth in a smile.

She stepped out from behind a tree and winced, bringing up a hand to defend her eyes from the sun’s harsh rays.

In a flash, she was over at the window, crouching beneath it. God, how she loved vampire speed.

The little blonde girl was vacuuming inside, and the noise was loud and vicious. It hurt Anna’s ears.

There was a glass back door that slid open soundlessly beneath Anna’s touch, and if it had made any noise, it went undetected as the vacuum rumbled along.

Anna stole up behind the girl. She was slim, with hair so fair it looked like it belonged to a child. She seemed so fragile, like a porcelain doll.

The girl moved over towards the wall, pushing the vacuum along ahead of her. She turned her head to glance over her shoulder as Anna followed, and Anna stepped quickly out of her line of vision.

Stupid, fragile girl.

Anna captured the girl’s head with a touch as soft as a feather and smashed it into the wall.

The girl made no sound as she crumpled to the floor. Anna turned off the heinous vacuum.

Anna produced a roll of duct tape and a pair of handcuffs from the satchel at her hip. She bound the little girl’s hands behind her back and secured a piece of tape over her mouth.

Elijah waltzed into the room then with a girl thrown over his shoulder. She had fiery red hair, and there was a bleeding gash on her forehead. Elijah had a purpling bruise on her cheek and a red, blistering burn on his arm that hadn’t quite healed yet.

He threw the girl down on the couch, and her body landed awkwardly on her arms where they were cuffed behind her back.

Elijah brushed back the hair from her neck, and Anna saw a flash of fang as he bent towards her.

“What are you doing?” Anna hissed.

“I just want one taste.”

“Kendall said we weren’t allowed.”

“Oh, Kendall said this, Kendall said that. We don’t have to listen to everything she says, you know.”

Elijah bent towards the girl again, but something pulled him back. His throat grew straight and taught as if an invisible hand has capture it, and Anna heard him gasping as if all of the air had suddenly been forced out of him. There were shadows creeping up his body, clawing at him, suffocating him. They pricked him, and beads of blood blossomed up on his skin. The shadows relished in it, lapping it up as if they were living.

“Oh, we don’t, don’t we?” came a voice from the kitchen doorway, and Kendall stepped into view.

She watched Elijah with a cruel, amused smile and her hands tucked casually into the pockets of her black coat.

Finally, she waved a gloved hand and said, “Alright, my dears, that’s enough.”

The shadows drew back, disappointed, and slithered along the floor like fog to the place where Kendall stood. Elijah collapsed to the floor.

There was a crash from the basement, and Kendall glanced down at where Elijah glared at her with a hand held to his throat. His physical wounds had closed up, but his pride was still injured.

“Go help Macon, would you?” Kendall said in a bitter-sweet voice.

Elijah stood stiffly and slunk from the room.

“Anna, dear?” Kendall mused thoughtfully, walking forward and nudging the unconscious little blonde girl with the toe of her boot.

Anna’s head snapped up. “Yes?”

“Fetch me a cup of coffee, please.” She spoke in a much softer tone than she had used with Elijah, even taking a moment to add a polite ‘please’ on the end though she knew Anna would do it regardless.

Anna nodded and headed towards the kitchen.

There was another crash, this time from somewhere upstairs. Anna glanced back at Kendall, who sighed, and lounged down on the couch beside the unconscious redhead. She crossed her feet at the ankles, and then brushed a strand of blonde hair out of her face as she looked at Anna.

“And when you’re done with that, would you go and help Laurie?” Kendall requested. “It would seem she’s having some trouble with the big cats.”

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