Chapter Sixty Eight – Shay

Chapter 68 of Duskville: The Revenge

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Shay hadn’t been trying to kill Rowan; she’d merely wanted to knock her unconscious.

But Rowan ducked out of the way, and then threw her elbow up, where it connected with Shay’s nose and snapped her head backwards. The sword fell from Shay’s hand as she stumbled backwards, clutching at her face as blood spurted from between her fingers.

“You broke my nose!” Shay gasped, as if that were the worst thing to have happened to her that evening. Now she was going to have to reset it for a second time.

When Rowan lunged for her, Shay tossed a knock-back spell at her, the blood from her fingers spattering in droplets across the hardwood floor.

Rowan tumbled through the air, twisting like a cat so that she landed on her feet, but as soon as she had, Shay hit her with another knock-back spell. And another. And another. Then, as Rowan lay moaning on the floor, Shay raised her arms above her head and cupped a ball of green electricity between her hands. She hurled it at the girl.

As Rowan crumpled into an unconscious heap, Shay bent over and tried to catch her breath.

From behind her, she heard Kendall say, “You little wh*re. You can’t just let me win, can you?”

Shay straightened and turned to find Kendall, frost coating her clothes and shadows swarming around her, standing before the icy pillar of vines. She was bathed in darkness; Shay had never seen someone so completely consumed by black magic.

“Is this a game to you?” Shay snapped.

“I will end you,” Kendall said. “I swear I will.”

The voices were still hissing, “Kill, kill, kill.”

“I’ll kill you, and then I’ll kill that worthless boyfriend of yours,” she said. Then her mouth curved into a smile. “Or better yet, I’ll kill him first and make you watch.”

Blood was still dripping from Shay’s nose, and she was covered in more bruises and scrapes than she could count, but Kendall still flinched at the next words that left Shay’s mouth.

“I am a Daughter of Hecate. You have brought dark magic into my home, and you have betrayed your fellow sisters. Within the past twenty-four hours, you have threatened everyone that I care about,” Shay said, her voice hardly above a whisper. The floor beneath her feet began to tremble, and her hair lifted as electricity crackled in the air around her. “You’ve even gone after my f*cking cat.”

From someone far away, she could feel Sienna and Chalice, feel as they lent Shay their energy. The electricity that crackled in the air pulsed green and blue and gold.

Kendall took a step back.

“Kill, kill, kill. We have a right . . .”

The shadows swarmed and dove for Shay all at once, but seemed to hit an invisible wall. The darkness pooled at the ceiling, pulsing, seething, searching for an opening.

Several voices joined in as Shay said, “I am a Daughter of Hecate. I call on my sisters now to aid me in vanquishing this black magic. I call on my ancestors before me. I call on my mother, Hecate, mother of all witches . . .”

Shay cupped her hands in front of her, and the ball of electricity that grew there sparkled a thousand different colors. It was so bright, she nearly turned away. Instead, she raised it above her head, until she thought the ceiling might crumble to pieces from the heat.

“Get out of my house, you b****,” Shay said, and then she hurled the ball of electricity at Kendall.

Then everything went black.

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