Chapter Sixty Seven – Rowan

Chapter 67 of Duskville: The Revenge

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Rowan’s fingers curled into the sides of her head, her sharp nails drawing blood.

“Help me.” Kendall’s voice echoed through her mind.

Rowan fell back a step, bumping into the wall behind her. Several strands of brown hair dropped into her face.

“Help me.”

In the background of Rowan’s mind, a hum compared to Kendall’s mental commands, she could hear another set of voices, hissing. “Kill, kill, kill,” they said.

There was a feeling creeping over her, trying to slip its way into her mind and place thoughts there that weren’t her own. Her nails pressed further into her skin. She had to go help Kendall. She needed to go help Kendall.

“Help me!”

Kendall’s scream sounded through Rowan’s head, pressing against the inside of her skull, making it feel as if it might burst from the inside. Rowan’s mouth dropped open, and she let out her own scream.

And then her legs were moving beneath her, carrying her towards the source of Kendall’s screams. Everything passed in a blur around her, and nothing else seemed to matter but helping Kendall.

“Help me!”

Rowan rounded a corner and saw a familiar head of brown curls in front of her. She grabbed a hold of the thick hair and swung Shay towards the wall, where she collided with a smack.

The flames across the hall that had been surrounded a girl with short hair went out as if someone had flipped a switch, and the shadows that had been surrounding them slunk away like angry cats.

Rowan spun, frantic eyes scanning the room. A giant tangle of vines consumed part of the one wall, and she could hear Kendall’s screams from inside of it. She dashed over to it, but as soon as her fingers touched the thick green skin of the plant a frigid iciness burned her flesh.

Patterns of frost were creeping over the vines and a cold white mist hung in the air around it. Shadows leaked from between the brown limbs, oozing like black tar onto the hardwood floor.

Chunks of the frozen plant fell away, shattering on the floor like glass. Rowan glimpsed an arm, a flash of blonde hair. She tore at the remaining vines, ignoring the icy burn that turned the tips of her fingers black.

When Kendall stepped free, frost clung to hair and the tips of her eyelashes. Her skin had turned a whitish-blue, and shadows clung to her like spider webs. Her eyes were dark, darker than Rowan had ever seen them, and for the first time, she was frightened of Kendall.

Rowan heard footsteps on the floor behind her and turned in time to duck out of the way of the wooden sword that Shay swung at her.

Author’s Note: I can’t express how sorry I am for torturing you guys for so long! I’ve just been caught up in a lot of things (I’m trying to get an agent for a book I recently finished) and I promise that I will try and give Duskville the ending it deserves.

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