Chapter Sixty – Shay

Chapter 60 of Duskville: The Revenge

KayKen by KayKen


Shay hit the wall hard, and then crashed to the floor.

The girl tossed the pool stick to the side, and then looked down at the bloody hole in her stomach. Tiny spikes of wood were caught in the fabric of her shirt. She snarled again and advanced on Shay.

Shay groaned, lifting a hand to her head and trying to focus on the girl. She pushed herself to her feet, and the world swayed.

She looked around for a weapon and spotted Elijah’s body on the floor.

Shay ran for it, but her legs momentarily gave out beneath and she fell to the floor beside it, grappling to get the stake out of its chest, at the same time the girl lunged for her.

Shay spun, stake in hand, and it plunged into the girl’s chest as she landed on Shay.

The girl’s eyes went wide, a mirror image of Shay’s own expression.

The girl’s mouth gaped open as her skin began to yellow and harden, and Shay yanked the stake back out. She kicked the body off her, and it rolled lifelessly to the ground beside her.

Shay sat up, dazed momentarily, and then she heard the footsteps coming for the basement.

“Hide,” she hissed at Isobel and Ivory. “Whatever you do, don’t get caught.”

She shoved the girl’s body under the pool table and tightened her grip on the stake. Isobel and Ivory scuttled around behind the couch as Shay ducked behind the wall that led to the stairs.

She held her breath, waiting. Her palm was sweaty, and the stake felt like it was slipping from her hand.

Shay sprung at Anna as soon as she appeared around the corner.

Killing the other girl had been pure luck, but Anna spun out of the way of Shay’s attack and came up behind her. She grabbed Shay’s arm, twisting it behind her back as she shoved her up against the wall. The stake fell from Shay’s fingers to the floor.

“Let go of me!” Shay brought her boot down hard on Anna’s foot.

Anna cursed and her grip loosened, and Shay slammed her free arm into Anna’s stomach. Anna’s grip fell away altogether and she staggered backwards, holding a hand to her abdomen.

Anna bared her fangs and hissed.

Shay dove for the stake on the carpet, but Anna was quicker.

She caught Shay’s head with the palm of her hand and knocked it hard against the wall, and then everything went black.

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