Chapter Thirty Six – Jack

Chapter 36 of Duskville: The Revenge

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Her lips were warm and soft and molded easily to his. They were there for only a moment but the feeling lingered long after Lacey pulled back with a gasp. The astonishment she felt towards herself shone clear in her wide gray eyes.

“Oh, my God.” Her hands flew up over her mouth and she shook her head frantically back and forth. Tears gathered in the corners of her eyes. “Oh, my God. I’m so sorry. I don’t think—I never think.”

She threw the covers off herself and jumped out of the bed. Jack sat, dazed, as she paced back and forth, murmuring repetitively in a horrified voice.

“Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.”

Jack’s eyes were following after her, but he couldn’t seem to gather his thoughts enough to find the words to calm her down. The only thing he knew then was that he wanted to kiss her again.

Her fingers clenched and kneaded the thick material of her robe.

“I have stronger instincts than other shifters. I can’t control them. Oh, my God. I’m so sorry.” Her eyes went wider, and Jack hadn’t thought it possible. She spun towards him quickly and her breath was coming in short pants. “I don’t want to be a bad person. I try not to be a bad person.”

Those words hit Jack like a bucket of ice water and snapped him out of his shocked state. He jumped up and grabbed her by the forearm as she strode by.

“You’re not a bad person. Okay, Lacey? You’re not.”

Her breathing slowed and her eyes flickered around his face. They stared at each other for the longest while. Jack’s hand was still touching her arm. Lacey’s lips were slightly parted and a flame of passionate hunger glinted in her eyes that she was struggling to suppress. Jack knew the feeling.

It seemed as if a magnetic pull existed between them.

Lacey’s eyes dropped to Jack’s lips, and she swallowed.


And then his control snapped, and neither of them could resist

They slammed into the wall with a crash and clung desperately to each other as Lacey’s lips found his once more. Her hands made their way up under the back of his shirt and her nails became claws that dug into his skin with a sharp pain. A growl tore through him.

His hands moved under her robe to the bare skin of her waist just above the boxer shorts she was wearing. He lifted her up, and her legs wound around his hips. Her long hair formed a dark silky curtain around their faces.

They collapsed onto the already rumpled comforters of the bed, and Jack rained kisses onto her neck. Her skin was smooth and smelled faintly of vanilla.

Then he was made aware of the sound of the door opening, and both their heads shot up. Another growl escaped from his throat, but this time it was out of territorial protection rather than pleasure.

His eyes focused on Shay’s paled face, and he froze.


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Author’s Note: Hopefully that wasn’t too explicit. Shay walks in after her phone call with Kendall, which is in the next chapter, so we’ll have to see what happened then and what happens next with Jack and Lacey. The suspense :O

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