Chapter Twelve – Shay

Chapter 12 of Duskville: The Revenge

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Shay was taking the frankincense out of her nightstand when the door of her room creaked open. She quickly slammed the drawer shut and spun around.

“Shay?” Vivienne poked her head in. “You’re still awake?”

Shay stood. “What’s wrong?”

Vivienne opened the door all the way and stepped in so Shay could see her fully clad in her black jumpsuit and boots. “Grandmother Clarissa just had a vision. One of the vampires is on the outskirts of the city.”

“We’re going now?

“Sienna’s already asleep, and Chalice went out with some of her other friends, but yes, the rest of us are all going.”

“But now? Seriously?” Shay couldn’t help the whiney tone that entered her voice.

“The vampire is going to attack someone soon, Shay.”

Shay sighed. “Alright, let me get dressed.”

She darted into the closet and took down her jumpsuit from where it was hanging. She quickly slipped into after ripping off the pajamas she’d had on. She stepped into her boots and laced them up. It took her a few seconds to set up her earpiece, but she finally did and switched it on. As she went back out to meet Vivienne, she coaxed her untamed waves of hair up into a ponytail.

“Let’s go.”

They ran down the stairs and out into the garage. The back door to the Hummer was already open and after they both scrambled in, Lacey jerked the it shut behind them. They peeled out of the garage and down the driveway before Shay had even buckled her seatbelt.

Ace broke several speed limits as they tore through the streets and made it to the outskirts of the city in record time. They screeched to a stop in a weakly lit parking lot secluded between several buildings and surrounded by a rusting chain-link fence.

All of the girls piled out. Shay shivered in the chilly night air and crossed her arms over her chest. She turned to complain to Vivienne and stopped when she saw Lacey.

A golden and black spotted tail swished wildly from a spot on Lacey’s lower back and her ears had moved to the top of her head, becoming soft and round like that of a cheetah. Dark spots and lines peppered her cheeks and eyelids.

“Spots?” Shay gasped.

“I can just shift halfway, if I want to,” Spots purred through her teeth, which were long—longer than Vivienne’s even. The ones on the bottom had also become sharp. “Freaky, isn’t it?”

“Grandmother Clarissa said the vampire should be around here somewhere,” Ace said, scanning the streets.

“Wait.” Vivienne’s eyes were narrowed, and she brushed the hair back from her bare ear so she could listen to something far away. “I hear someone down this alley.”

The ears atop Lacey’s head twitched. “I hear them, too.”

“Spots, Vee, go around on the other side. Green, Red, and I will come at them from this side,” Ace instructed.

Spots nodded and ran after Vivienne as she flashed out of sight around the corner of a building.

Shay stole quietly through the shadows of the building behind Phoenix and Ace. An unnerving thought settled over her that it was just like when they’d first escaped from Duskville and she’d gone out to collect supplies. They reached the corner of the building Vivienne had indicated and paused.

Ace gestured for them to wait as she peered around the corner.

“Spots? Vee? Can you hear me?” Shay heard Ace’s voice both aloud and in her earpiece. “We’re at the end of the building.”

“Okay. If she tries to leave this way, we’ll cut her off,” Vee replied.

“It’s ***-kicking time!” Spots cheered.

A giggle escaped Shay’s mouth and she attempted to cover it with a cough, but failed. She smiled in embarrassment at Ace. “Sorry.”

Ace ignored her. “We just have to wait for the right time. She has a man with her . . .”

Shay’s expression immediately turned serious. “Has she attacked him yet?”

“No, but—”

The but was a bad decision on Ace’s part and because of it, Shay stepped around the corner just at the time the female vampire bit down hard into the man’s neck.

“Green, get back here,” Ace ordered.

“Excuse me,” Shay said boldly, and placed her hands on her hips, “but it’s not polite to feed on the first date. So, put him down! "

The head of dark curls raised. Blood-stained lips skinned back from extended canines and the girl let out an annoyed hiss.

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