Chapter Twenty Four – Shay

Chapter 24 of Duskville: The Revenge

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“One second please,” the girl said. Farther away, she called, “Mother Lilura, it’s for you!”

Shay drummed her fingernails against the desk top as she waited for a response. Hopefully the girl understood what the word urgent meant.

“I’m busy right now, Rebecca. Can you see what they want?” Mother Lilura’s voice shouted in the background.

“It’s a girl named Shay! She said it’s urgent!”

There was silence for a moment and then another line clicked into the call.

“Hello, Shay!” Mother Lilura’s voice trilled. “How are the Daughters of Hecate treating you?”

“Wait, Daughters of Hecate? You’re Shay? The Shay? Oh my, God. I’ve heard so much about you. It’s an honor talking to—”

“Rebecca, dear, you can hang up the phone now,” Mother Lilura said.

“Oh, right. Wait until I tell Stella . . .” There was a click.

“That was certainly interesting.”

“How does she know who I am?”

“The organization itself might be a secret, but you, Chalice, and Sienna are widely known throughout the covens. And I might brag a bit about how wonderful an apprentice you were . . .”

“Mother Lilura! Don’t make the poor girl feel bad about herself!”

“She likes having you girls as role models,” Mother Lilura told her. “Now, what do we need to talk about that’s so urgent?”

“It’s about Kendall,” Shay said. “What happened with her after I disappeared?”

“She had told me that you and the others had decided to pack up and leave. I had no way to get in touch with you, so I didn’t know whether she was telling the truth of not. I thought she’d learned her lesson about black magic, so I didn’t think there was a need to report her to the Witch Elders. Then, about a month later—on a full moon, I believe—the phone rang . . .”

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Author’s Note: Short, but you’ll understand why it cut off so suddenly in the next chapter.

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