Chapter Twenty Nine – Shay

Chapter 29 of Duskville: The Revenge

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Shay reached the top of the stairs and made it to Vivienne’s room. She pushed open the door and saw a couple on top of the un-tucked covers. Neither had a shirt on, and Shay frowned.

“You’re not Vivienne.” She slammed the door closed.

Where should she look next?

Phoenix had said something. Something about Ace.

Was Vivienne with Ace?

No. She dismissed the idea. Vampires and vampire hunters didn’t get along. That was silly. But then . . . Where was she? Phoenix had told her to find Vivienne. She’d feel bad if she didn’t. She didn’t want to make Phoenix upset.

“Hey.” A girl with thick blonde hair in a ponytail walked up to Shay. “I like your shirt.”

Shay tilted her head to the side. She couldn’t stop staring the girl’s own head; it was such an odd shape. It reminded Shay of a pear. Then she realized the girl had said something.

She blinked. “What?”

“I like your shirt,” the girl repeated.

Shay looked down at her shirt, narrowing her eyes at the purple ruffles running down the certain of her chest. It was the color of grapes and had a little collar that curled around her neck. Hmm. It was a nice shirt.

“Thanks. I like it, too.”

The girl pouted, as if she wanted Shay to compliment her back. Shay didn’t want to make her upset either, so she searched for something to compliment her on.

“I like your earrings.”

She had a few in each ear, like Phoenix. Shay wondered how bad it hurt to get them pierced. She’d never gotten her ears pierced, but now she wished that she had. Dark feathers hung from the girl’s first holes and the rest were all clear, sparkling stones. They were very pretty.

“Thank you.” The girl smiled brightly at Shay.

Shay squirmed. She didn’t know what to say next, and the girl was smiling and watching her in a way that made her uncomfortable. She really wished she would just go away.

“Why are you standing outside this bedroom all alone?”

“I’m looking for Vivienne.”

“Vivienne? Who’s that?”

Shay didn’t like the way the girl was talking. “My friend.”

“Just a friend?”

Now what did that even mean? “Yeah.”

The girl’s smile widened. “So, you’re single?”

What a ridiculous question. Of course she wasn’t single. And why did she want to know anyway? “No. I have a boyfriend.”

“A boyfriend,” the girl repeated.

“Yes. He is a very good boyfriend.”

“What’s his name?”

“Matt,” she told her proudly. She glanced skeptically at the girl. “Are you gay?"

The girl just looked at Shay, and then she turned away, muttering something about how the cute ones were always stupid. Shay didn’t know whether to be flattered or offended. She settled for confused.

She hoped no one else would hit on her. She didn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea. She loved Matt and was in a perfectly happy relationship with him.

What had she been doing before that girl had interrupted her with stupid questions? Oh, that’s right. Searching for Vivienne.

Maybe Shay should check her own room. It didn’t make much sense at the time she thought it, but then again, nothing else made much sense either. So she went down the hallway.

She walked towards her room. She was just about to twist the handle and push the door open when she heard a crash come from Grandmother Clarissa’s room.

Now no one was supposed to be in there.

Shay let go of the handle and went in Grandmother Clarissa’s room. She couldn’t see anyone where the bed was displayed, but she could hear whispered curses coming from the alcove where Grandmother Clarissa’s office was.

She rounded the corner to find a girl about her age crouched on the ground. Papers were scattered at her feet and most of the drawers on the huge mahogany desk were open. A satchel lay on the ground with its flap unfastened, and Shay could see a manila folder laying inside of it.

The girl looked up from the folder she held in her hands that she was trying to stuff the papers back into.

“What are you doing?” Shay demanded.

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Author’s Note: Now isn’t Shay just very naive and confused in her drunken state? Wonder what that girl’s doing in Grandmother Clarissa’s desk. Dun dun dun.

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