Club day

Chapter 1 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

The morning Emma woke up the first thing she remembered was that it was club day at school. She sprang out of bed and rushed to the bathroom to brush her long, brown, curly hair.she brushed her teeth, got dressed and she was off. she didn’t have many friends a school but was planning to make some that afternoon. when the bell rang Emma was skipping down the hallway deciding which club to sign up for. She was scanning the posters promoting clubs. math club, comic club,art club. But as she came to a stop on club caught her eye. book club. She loved reading so she decided to try it out. She walked in and the first thing she saw was people. 5 people sitting down reading “Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban” there were two girls and three guys. “hi, im emma. Is this book club?”Emma asked. “ya, im James, thats logan,Brady,Juliana and Chrissy”He explained. “Hi im Chrissy, can i see your hand?” Crissy asked. “umm sure.” responded emma uncertain. “Hmmm, oh i see.” Chrissy said thinking. “Guys she is like us, She is a Fairy too!”

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