Cynteria Phillips & Dennis Craig

Chapter 6 of Forever Missed And Never Forgotten.

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Severly molested and abused by her father at the age of four, Cynteria Phillips was placed into several foster homes throughout her thirteen years. People who knew her said she was a loving, tomboyic,cheerful little girl who loved playing and always smiled despite her problems in life. She loved the colors pink, red and blue.

But then the girl, whose foster family didn’t treat her like their own child, ran away, and was last seen in a Miami shelter, sitting and sucking her thumb. The child’s naked body was found 9 hours later, near a high school.

The thirteen-year-old had been raped and murdered on August 14, 2000, and her case is still unsolved.

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Three-year-old Dennis Craig Jurgens died at the hands of his abusive foster mother Lois Jurgens, who also abused her other foster children. But Dennis was the only fatality.

His elder foster brother Robert, five when Dennis died, witnessed the abuse singled out on Dennis, who was beaten, given black eyes, force-fed, starved, tied to bedposts, called “Sloppy Fat”, forced to eat vomit, burned on the genitals, had a clothespin pinned on his genitals, tortured and eventually died in April 11, 1965.

Lois Jurgens also forced the small boy to pray, and wanted him to be "perfect"in her eyes. Cruel as she was to the boy, she was good to his brother Robert, whom she thought was the “good” one. After Dennis died, Lois was arrested and paroled after eight years due to good behaviour and now lives in Minnesota.A novel entitled, “A Death in White Bear Lake” by Barrie Siegel, a tv movie entitled “A Child Lost Forever” and a theatre piece called “The Jurgens File” were made in his memory.
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