Dark as The Night

Chapter 14 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

Soon they all were lying down on the beach. “Where did you go?” asked James curious. “I needed to fly home and tell my parents i was sleeping over at my friends house.” Said Julianna sitting next to Teddy. “Umm, I am going to get more sticks” said Teddy as Julianna inched toward him. Carlyn gave Julianna the stink eye. “She just tried to make a move on Teddy!” whispperd Carlyn to Emma and James. “Jelous?” asked James grinning. “What! No of course not.” blushed Carlyn. They all decided to go for a midnight swim. “Anyone want a dolphine ride?” asked Teddy grinning. Julianna was about to say something but Carlyn burned her foot. “Me!” Shouted Carlyn. She got on Teddys back and he turned into a Bottle nose Dolphin. “Faster!” yelled Carlyn. But because it was a magic ocean it had magic in it also. Just then a swarm of Jillyos (a mix bettwen a snake and a shark) grabbed Carlyn. “Carlyn!” Yelled the Teddy turning back human. He dived into the water and turned into a Shark. It scared the Jillyos off and But Carlyn was at the bottom of the ocean. Just then Emma came down and formed a water bubble around Carlyn and Teddy. Carlyn was knocked out. On there way up Teddy looked into her eyes. He kissed her. They got to the beach and Carlyn was awake. Meanwhile In the woods. “Yes, I used the Spell to make me seem like i am telling the truth, of coaurse Kailyn, They will not escape me this time.” grinned Julianna.

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