Death Day

Chapter 8 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

yesterday emma turned evil. Julianna’s plan was working. Carlyn was flying in the clouds when she noticed something. It was a fairy dressed in black leggings with a black tank top and leather jacket and army style boots. “is that emma? No, It cant be.” said carlyn confused. She flew away to tell james. " Man i’m excited for my date with Emma tonight." said james confidant. " James.. Emma… black cloths… really weird." said Carlyn catching her breath. " So new style choice? ok then. i need to go for our date, talk to you later ok?" said james in a hurry as he flew off. " oh man, LOGAN, GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE!" yelled Carlyn. " Woah chill." said james. " Emma is Evil and James is in trouble." said Carlyn. " Ok lets go" said Logan. they flew off to Emma’s house. They peared in the window to see Emma sitting on the coach with James watching a horror movie. " I thought we were going to watch Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone?" said James. " That dumb movie?" Said Emma. " Woah, who are you and what have you done with Emma!" yelled James. “Im evil now, get used to it, my best friend Julianna showed me the dark.” said emma. " It all makes sense. Only a lunar fairy can turn someone evil and the only way to go back to normal is to be in your element and opposite element." james said to himself. James took emma’s hand and flew to the pool. " Carlyn, Logan come on." said james. they took her to a pool and dropped her in. " Carlyn heat the water.!" yelled james. “on it.” said Carlyn. before she could Emma was out of the water soaring in the sky, Carlyn chased after her. Carlyn threw a fire ball. Emma doged. Emma threw a water ball at Carlyn. Carlyn made a bowl of fire and put the water in. The water was hot. Carlyn threw the water on Emma. slowly emma’s hair went from Black to Brown. her wings from Jet black, To glimmering blue. " What the heck just happened." said Emma. " Julianna turned you Evil." said carlyn. They hugged in relief. Emma and carlyn flew to Juliana’s house. “This is going to be the battle of our lives.” said Emma. “Lets go” said Carlyn. they walked up to the house and snuck in the back. its the battle between good and evil.

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