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the majority have spoken, so this is the story i’ll be posting from now on :) my laptop is still effed up, but i managed to re-write this chapter on my phone and borrow my brother’s laptop so i could quickly edit it. the next two chapters are kinda fillers, so i’m so sorry if it’s boring, but they need to be included for the story to go the way i want it to. you guys are probably gonna gate me when those two chapters are posted, but i had to add them. anyway, enjoyyyyyyyy.

“Dreaaa,” Diamond whined, “let’s go out!”

I sighed internally at my friend’s useless attempt to drag me off to a party. There I was, sitting at my desk, trying my hardest to get some studying done, and eventually only hearing the sound of Diamond’s voice begging me for the duration of the hour I had planned to use wisely. I didn’t want to do anything that involved masses of people. The sound of excruciatingly loud music and the heat as a result of being in a jam-packed house was the last thing I needed right now. I needed quiet. And with Diamond present, I wasn’t going to get it.

“No,” I repeated for the hundredth time.

“Whyyyyy,” she sounded annoyingly, shaking her bed. I loved Diamond to death, but she knew how to get on my nerves big time.

“Because I’m studying.”

“Pur-leaseee,” she countered, walking over to my desk. “You’ve been on that page for like ever.”

“Really?” I asked, placing my hand over my heart in mock shock. “Geez, I might’ve gotten somewhere substantial if you’d stopped bugging me.”

“Ugh,” she sounded, hitting me lightly before returning to her bed. I was given two precious seconds of peace before she opened her mouth again. “You need to go out.”
I sighed, releasing the pen I had in my hand out of my grasp and swiveling my chair around. “I don’t want to.”

“Why? You haven’t given me a good enough reason, Drea. Normally you go to the dance studio and come back feeling great. Did something happen after the whole Craig incident?”

I stared at the wall behind her, trying to figure out whether to tell her about my encounter with Jacob. I told Diamond everything, but this would have her overly hyped for too long, and I needed anything but that. “No,” I finally answered. I would tell her after it was over and done with. Besides, I was so certain our “three day stay “was going to be a disaster that my confession would slip right to the back of her mind. I hoped anyway.

“Then why can’t we go out and get wasted?”

“Diamond,” I looked at her amusingly, “it’s Monday.”

“Soooo…” she answered, moving her hands as if to say partying today was no problem.

“I’m not going to go get wasted on a Monday night and miss class or go into class with a ***** of a headache tomorrow. Unlike you some of us have early Tuesday mornings.”
She stayed silent for some for a few moments. “We could leave early?” she suggested, a hopeful spark in her eyes.

“No,” was all I had to say. Pulling her away from a party was like pulling an elephant out of Africa to Europe. By foot. “Look, just go with Trey. I’ll follow you to the next party that comes up,” I blurted out, wincing as the sentence came out of my mouth. Diamond was a social butterfly, so the next gathering would not be far away.

“Okay,” she finally submitted. I did a victory dance inside. “You promise you’ll come next time?”

“As long as it’s on a weekend.”

She clapped her hands together. “Yay! Okay, better get dressed,” she said to herself as she walked to her wardrobe.

30 minutes had passed. I’d finally read five additional pages of the book and taken down
a few notes. Diamond still hadn’t figured out what to wear. I had just begun walking over to the kitchen to get a Diet Coke when the phone started ringing. Lazily, I continued to the fridge and grabbed my favourite drink.

“You and your lazy as$, you were like a centimeter away from the phone,” Diamond shouted from the bedroom.

I grinned to myself, opening the can. “I didn’t want to die of thirst,” I joked, taking a sip.

“Whatever. It’s Ray.”

I smiled to myself, rushing back to the room and taking the phone. “Smoochieeee,” I teased.

I heard my friend’s seductively deep voice laugh. “C’mon, still? What did I tell you about that nickname?”

“What did I tell YOU about that nickname?” I countered.

“Look, we were in front of my parents and your lips looked extra juicy that night.”

I giggled at his confession. Although I’d heard it a few times, it still made me blush slightly. “Oh whatever, Ray. What do you want?” I asked in a playfully annoyed tone.

“Well,” he began, “I want to borrow you for the night.”

I mockingly sighed into the phone. “I will not follow in your best friend’s footsteps and become a fvck buddy,” I joked, referring to Trey, who was also his roomie.

“Aye! That wasn’t what I was going to suggest. Although…”

“Ray!” I gasped, laughing.

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding! But seriously, I want to take you out. Y’know, grab something to eat, go for a walk, whatever. I figured we need to celebrate our 1 year anniversary,” he kidded.

“It’s been a year already?” I asked, my eyes widening in amazement at how fast time flew.

“Crazy, right? So, yes or no?”

“Isn’t the answer obvious?”

He chuckled. “Be ready for eight’ thirty.”

“Okay. You better not be late,” I warned playfully.

“Oh, I won’t,” he answered sarcastically. “I’ll see you later.”

“Kay, bye.”

I hung up, the nicest feeling taking over me. I hadn’t seen Ray in a while and I hadn’t been taken out properly for an eternity. I sighed softly, turning around. My daze was suddenly ruined by the look on Diamond’s face.

She winked at me, making me wince. “What was that about?” she teased, laughing at me as I flamed red.

I scowled in response before moving towards my wardrobe. “He wants to take me out. To celebrate our fake-aversary.”

“What?” Diamond threw her hands in the air exasperatingly. “Ray takes you out for being his fake girlfriend and I don’t even a burger for being Trey’s fvck buddy? That’s bullsh!t.”


I jumped up at the sound of two knocks on the door, sliding towards the mirror to get one last look at myself. My hair was tied into a loose bun, giving off a slightly cuter look. I decided to go simple and wear my maroon maxi skirt and a plain, oversized black top, which I had tucked in. For shoes I chose a plain pair of black sandals, preparing myself for the walk later on. Finally accepting my appearance, I scooted towards the door, flinging it open.

My eyes cast on Ray’s gorgeous face as the door did a 90° turn. We may have been just friends, but there was no denying how damn hot he made me feel when he was around. The $ex oozing off him was simply incredible.

“Hello, beautiful,” his deep, rich voice emerged, the cutest grin on his face.

“Hey, baby,” I answered, wrapping my arms around his neck. I breathed in his sweet lemon scent as his firm hands grabbed my waist.

Ray and I had been friends since the first time we crossed paths at a party the week after we started college. We’d both managed to escape the jungle that was the packed room to get fresh air when we met and started talking. He was the first guy I considered a friend here at Peyton. He was also the first person to pay me to fake date him.

I remembered the day like it was yesterday. We’d taken a quick stroll around the park by the bar where I worked when he told me all about his sister’s upcoming wedding and the pressure his family were putting on him to find a girl. He was actually in a relationship at the time, but his family was horrified by the revelation that she was a stripper when he brought her home. I simply sat and listened intently as he told me all about his troubles,
wishing there was something I could do.Turns out there was. It was at that point, almost a
year ago, that he proposed the ‘fake girlfriend’ venture. I reluctantly agreed, and it was
then that a favor turned into a full blown business.

“You look amazing,” he commented, his eyes running down my frame from head to toe.

I blushed slightly. “Thanks. You clean up pretty well yourself,” I teased.

He chuckled in response. “That I do. You ready?”

“Yup,” I sounded. “Let me just get my purse.”

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