Chapter 4 of Rika Luna: The Life And Times Of A Magical Girl

Ruby-Pokedex by Ruby-Pokedex

We were high up in the air. I led the strange girl to where I live, which is probably going to be for better or for worse. She was holding onto my hand extremely tight, with a grip surprising for a girl like her. I noticed that her hand was glowing. I’m not questioning anything anymore, but even she seemed to be interested in that fact.

“That’s weird.” She giggled. “That only happens when there are two girls with the right magic! Wowie!”

“The right magic…?”

“The right magic, Rika! That’s all you need to know!”

“But WHAT ‘Right Magic’ specifically, Amy?”

“That’s not for any of US to decide, silly!”

Her grip on my hand was getting pretty tight. Tighter and tighter as we went forward.

“Um, Amy?” I asked. “You’re… holding on a little tight there…”

For a girl so small, she had a REALLY tight grip. Probably because of her whole cheerleading theme she (somehow) had.

“Oh, sorry!” She Answered.

Her voice was a little shaky there, but it didn’t seem that important.

“We’re here!” Amy chimed.

Before I could even stop her, we zipped right to the ground and she was knocking on my door.

I was frantically gesturing for her to stop,but she kept on knocking. I was getting more and more frantic until the door finally opened. My father was home, messy long hair and all, and he was looking RIGHT at my new “friend”.

“I’m Amy!” She chimed, outstretching her hand with a grin. “A ma-”

“AMY NO.” I shouted struggling to cover her mouth.

She flailed herself like a child out of my arm with great speed.

“A magic-”

I tried covering her mouth again, but I felt it would be no use.

“A magical girl.” My father said.

It seems my father could obviously piece it together. The outfit… The hair… The eyes… He knew what I was getting involved in. He wasn’t mad. He only seemed afraid.

“I knew this would happen sooner or later.” He said.

He held my hands. His hands were shaking.

“I just never knew that they would be so close by…”

It was apparent. He was thinking about mother.

“Well, she’s in good hands!” Amy chimed, breaking the tension with maximum force.
“Sakurai is nice, I can tell Rin likes her already, and Rikiri is a REALLY good leader!”

“There are more?” My father asked.

“Yeah! Sakurai and Rin are magical girls, and Rikiri is some sort of… spirit!” She answered before turning.

“I’d better go! I’ll bet ol’ Rika here needs some rest from her new duties as one of us!”

Rest. Right.

Even when I have so many questions, even to this second. She was off in a flash as expected. I honestly felt the need to lay down, so I headed to my room. This was a lot to take in.

“Where are you going?” My father asked.

I forced a smile.

“You heard her.” I answered. “I’m gonna need rest so I can be ready. I’ll be up for dinner.”

Now, I love my father dearly and didn’t want to go abruptly. I didn’t want him to see me frustrated, but I knew he could see through me. I closed my bedroom door and fell right onto the absolute wasteland that was my bed. I wanted to clear my mind. It felt like hours as I was stretched across my bed. The only time I even bothered to get up was when my father called for dinner. I dreaded discussing what just happened, but he more deserves to know. My eyes slowly and forcefully opened up, as I bobbed around in a groggy state. I felt like a corpse awakening from death, but I managed to force myself up to only notice an envelope by my window. I was surprised I even bothered to give it a second look, but I noticed the bright wax seal. The thing smelt of… glitter- Yeah, this was Amy’s work. Afraid of what would come next, I opened the letter.

“We’ll see you soon!” It simply read, with each word in a different ink colour and penmanship.

It was signed by the magical girls and, surprisingly, even Rikiri.

It only made me think; “HOW soon was ‘soon’?”

Either way, it made something strange happen. There was this weird, goofy grin plastered on my face. I looked out my window to the setting sun. I could have sworn I saw something move very quickly. Something… red.
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