First Day=Bad Day

Chapter 61 of Impossible Love ******************boyxboy love story

lilladybug by lilladybug

Chlo’s POV
so I just woke up and I look at my ipad and its 7:15 a.m. and everyone is asleep and our daddies said they would wake us up so I thought I would just lied down and I started thinking and then I felt somebody tickling me and I started giggling
Me:stop (giggles more)stop
Daddy Prod:not till you get up
I hopped out of bed
we all got dressed
Tati:aunties are you also taking us to school
Auntie Kady:no just your daddies this morning
Uncle Ray:come on Kady not at the the table
Auntie Kady was breast feeding at the table
Auntie Kady:got to do what you got to do
Uncle Prince:what ever lets just get the girls to school
we get in the car I’m in the car with my two daddies and Tati
we pull up two a big place with Kids running around
Tati:Sissy!look at all the cute boys were going to be giving some digits today
Daddy Roc:uh no your not
Me:we will see about that
we all get out of the car
and daddy Roc and Daddy Prod both kiss our foreheads and leave
and 3 random girls walks up to us
Center girl:Hi! I’m Layla
Laft girl:I’m Melissa
Right girl:and I’m Sophia
Layla:was that Prod from ******************who kissed y’all on the foreheads
Melissa:and didn’t Roc do the same
Sophia:are they your dads
Layla:oh aight
and with that they walk away
and the bell rings to come inside
when we walk inside their is a big bulliten bored with the homerooms assignments under them and when I looked none of my cousins or Tati were in my homeroom but Layla Sophia and Melissa were yay(sarcastic) but we go to a private school but no uniforms 14 kids two homerooms I like this school besides the homeroom assignments
so in this homeroom we all sit next to one person so their are 7 mini table things I sit next to a girl named Arianna she’s really nice and she’s my bathroom buddy but sadly their is one table of three in here and that table is Melissa Sophia and Layla but they told Ms.Lee(teacher)to call them Lay Mel and Sophi whatever I have to pee really badly so I raised my hand
Ms.Lee:yes Chloe
Me:you can call me Chlo and may I use the bathroom
Ms.Lee:sure obviously you have to bring arianna gco
Ms.Lee:Right Ari and does anyone else have to go
and of course Lay Mel and Sophi all had to go
Lay:well well well if it isn’t the girl who comes from gays
Ari:wait you have gay parents
Me:yep Prod and Roc from ** are my dads
Ari:thats so cool
Mel:no its not its nasty
sophia:that was a wrong thing to say
and right their and then they jumped us in the girls bathroom and now I’m just laying here in pain with a bloody nose and a swollen shut eye and I couldnt even get up to help Ari and I guess Ms.Lee got worried cause she busted in here
Ms.Lee:what is gco…OMG
some how we end up in the nurses office
Nurse:I’m calling your parents
Principal Promiano walks in
Prinicipal:I already did but Arianna’s yours didn’t answer so Chloe’s parents are coming and getting both of you
Principal:are you comfortable with that
Ari:yes sir
Nurse:now who did this to you guys
Me and Ari:and Sophia
Principal:and why did they do this to you
before we could answer my daddies busted in
Daddy Prod:Hi I’m Prodigy and this is my boyfriend Roc were here to get Chloe and Arianna
Principal:Hi I’m so sorry about what happened I will be making a few MORE phone calls tonight
Daddy Roc:Its fine we will see you later on cause we have another daughter here Tatianna
Daddy Prod:lets go girls
Ari:um I can’t
Daddy Roc:why sweetie
Ari: my right leg is in great pain
Daddy Roc walks over to her and picks her up
Daddy Prod:what about you Chlo does anything hurt
Me:my left arm
Daddy Prod:well lets go to the hospital
and with that we leave
sorry I forgot to publish my last chapter anyway bye oh yeah and love you bye

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