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Chapter 10 of We found love <3 ( A ******************Love Story )

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(They are at their sound check and hanging around and stuff their performances is in a couple of hours)
Roc: (goes up behind joseleen and wraps his arms around her) Hey baby you nervous?
josiee: sooo. I am scared what happen if I fall or what if I miss my part what If I mess up or what if- gco (roc kisses her)
Roc: you’ll be fine and you’ll do great. (kisses her some more)
josiee: so what songs are you guys gonna do?
Roc: well mrs. right, gone, my girl, number one girl and of coure your favorite-gco
josiee: future?!!
Roc: yupp
josiee: yay! i am so hype now to see you kill it.
Roc: thats my girl. (kisses her some more leading to a makeout session)
Prodigy’s POV
sound check guy: so sing into this mic when you hear the music.
(prod is sing number one girl then melissa stops and sits at the edge of the stage)
prod: hey baby.
mel: hey my baby sings so smexi.
prod: gotta keep fly for my baby.
( he sits next to melissa but she gets up and sits on his lap)
prod: i see someone is excited about the show tonight.
mel: yea and i am also nervous i dunno if i can do this.
prod: dont worry you’ll do great i seen you girls perform you are very talented. Tonight you are gonna kill it.
mel: yea hope so.
prod: i know so (hugs her they chat and flirt)
Ray’s POV
Me and Kristinia are playing around with the seats and we are at the balcony its so big up here and high up. i am sitting next to kristinia and talking with our fonts on the seats infront of us. Man i really like her I think I might actually l-l-love her.
kris: omg!! you are so slow.
ray: nah you just got a 10 second head start.
kris: sure thats the case (sarcastic)
ray: so you nervous about tonight?
kris: yes! i am soo nervous.
ray: you dont look it.
kris: i try not to so the girls wont freak, i guess if they see me freak then they should to so i try my best not to.
ray: wow your like their mom or something
kris: well no i just let them know that I am there for them whenever they need me i am like their big sister mostly but they see me as their little sister.
ray: wow sounds like it can get stressful sometimes.
kris: ughh it is, but i am like the piece maker of the group keep all the arguements down.
ray: that would seem like it would get stressful sometimes.
kris: thats why i love to perform like this.. its where i can be myself and where i know people look up to me and know that I have something big and special to bring out.
ray: but you are special doing this or not. thats another thing I love about you.
kris: awh, thanks.. soooo are you nervous mr. pretty boy?
ray: of course not cause I will be performing for my babygirl thats something exciting to do.
kris: lol well yea i guess.
ray: babygirl i wanna tell you that i-i-.- gco
jacob latimore: hey ray!
ray: (whispers) d**m.. hey man (they do their handshake)
jacob: so well hello who is this cutie? (walks closer to kristinia all flirty)
ray: this is my GIRLFRIEND Kristinia. (wraps arms around kristinia so jacob knows she is his)
jacob: oh well nice to meet you.
kris: nice to meet you too. (smile towards him he winks at her she blushes and gets shy and can feel ray is getting jealous) well imma just go now i am sure you guys would want to talk. Laters. (kisses ray’s cheek and walks past jacob he stares at her but and ray notices and gets jealous and walks away)
Prince’s POV
(they are at the snack table)
prince: my hermosa is gonna be bossin out there.
ari: you know it principe.
prince: would you stop moving! its gonna be okay I honestly think all the other girls are scared to which i dont know wju cause yall are gonna be awesome.
ari: yea well doesnt mean we dont get nervous. dont yall?
prince: yea of course we do but you know I am to fly to get scared (pops collar and swagg walks)
ari: whatever. (giggles.. prince pulls her in towards him but kristinia interupts them)
kris: hey sorry but ari can you come with me please brb prince.
prince: dont be to long.
(they go to their dressing room while prince is at the snack table talking to ray)
prince: whats up ray?
ray: well I was gonna tell Kristinia I love her and take her out with me but jacob interupted us and flirted with kristinia.
prince: Ah mane. did shed flirt back?
ray: no but jacob is making me p**s cause he knowsKristinia is mine and still is hitting on her, Right INfront Of me!
prince: dude just calm down its gonna be okay dont you trust Kristinia?
Ray: yea but not Jacob. What if she dumps me for him?
prince: dude she wont i oer heard her and Ari talking and heard her say she loves you.
ray: really?
prince: yea but she didnt want to loose you so she doesnt say it to you she didnt want you to think you wouldnt like her anymore cause she didnt want to scare you. I wasnt gonna tell you this but since we are in a bad situation.
ray: (shocked but in a good way) so I guess I gotta tell her.
prince: yupp before jacob takes her.
(ray goes to the girls dressing room)
Kristinia’s POV
i took ariana to the dressign room because i needed to talk to her about jacob and ray i dont want to break up their friendship because of me. Jacob is cute and all but I-i-i love ray.. I need help keeping jacob away from me.
ari: what girl?
kris: kay so me and ray were talking
ari: yall aint thinking about having s** are yall?!!! beacuse I thought you were the-
kris: shhhh and no!!! its jacob latimore.
ari: ah girl he is cute, what about him?
kris: He was hitting on me and all flirty with ray right there!! I dont want thhem to fight over me thats just wrong. They are friends I dont want to ruin that.
ari: krissy its gonna be okay. If ray and jacob were really friends then jacob would never hit on a girl his friend is dating. Ray will understand he loves you.
kris: how do you know?
ari: well um ugh- look at this water it looks good and at room temperature (getting nervous and changing the subject)
kris: hey dont change the subject. (she slaps the water out of her hand) How do you know ray loves me?
ari: fine but you didnt hear it from me but he ask me things about you cause he wanted to take you out to tell you.
kris: awhh thats so sweeet! awh my baby boy loves me. (then jacob opens the door and comes in)
jacob: hey sorry to interupt but hey guess what?
a&k: what?
jacob: i am having a party at my house wanna come?
ari: i would love to (gets a text) oh gotta go i guess i’ll see you there jacob, oh good luck tonight at the concert, laytahs!
kris: no ari dont- (door slams shut) ughh maybe we dont know our schedules for tonight.
jacob: well I ask Keisha if you guys can come she said yall could (walks closer to kristinia)
kris: (steps back) well maybe I mean me and my BOYFRIEND ray, you know your friend, we might go out tonight.
jacob: really? not from what I heard.
kris: what do you mean?
jacob: well that he might go out tonight but he never said with you though.
kris: what?
jacob: yea then he got a phone call from someone and was like i cant wait to see you and all that ish.
kris: oh (hurt a little) well maybe we will come.
jacob: look dont worry about it to much a beautiful girl like you doesnt need to worry. (get closer to kristinia)
kris: ughh- (ray opens the door and sees jacob and kristinia almost face to face)
ray: whats going on?
kris: ugh jacob came and invited us to his house party tonight we should go it sounds like fun.
jacob: well actually its a costume party you know since its almost halloween and all.
ray: sure we will be there (holds on to kristinia he is sitting on the couch)
jacob: well later i gotta get dressed bye. (winks towards kristinia he leaves and kristinia goes and sits ontop of the makeup area)
ray: whats that all about?
kris: nothing umm so what is your costume gonna be? (sorta mad at ray)
ray: ughh i dunno we should go shopping tonight.
kris: sure or you know you can you know you might need to be somewhere else tonight (attitude).
ray: ugh babygirl you okay? did i do something wrong? did jacob say something?
kris: no..but i just thought you might need to be somewhere else tonight you know without me.
ray: why would you think that?(goes over to her worried and staring in her eyes)
kris: well its just that- (gco by the guys and girls coming in)
roc: yo ray we gotta go and get dressed in our dressing room.
( ray looks towards kristinia knowing jacob might haved said something to her to make her mad at him)
prod: yo yall okay?
kris: yupp never better so um ray you really gotta go so me and the girls can get dressed. Good luck tonight.
(ray and the guys leave the room )
prince: yo man what happened in there?
roc: yea is krissy mad at you?
prod: and why?
ray: thats what I am about to find out (storms over to jacob) yo jacob what did you tell kristinia to make her mad at me?
jacob: nothing dude.
roc: must be something cause she seemed pretty mad.
jacob: maybe she is mad at herself.
prince: why?
jacob: well maybe because she doesnt like ray anymore and is falling for me and your making it hard for her to break up with you.
ray: not true!! she loves me! (ray pushes him)
jacob: how so you know did you hear her say it for yourself?! (pushes him back)
(roc, prince, and prod gets inbetween them breaking it up)
roc: whoah whoah whoah cool it no fighting, memeber bros before ho**s.
prince: yea no fighting.
jacob: all I am saying man is you better have your girl in handcuffs before someone else gets her.(walks away)
prince: man chill jacob isnt going to steal her no one will.
prod: yea krissy loves you to much.
ray: well aparently she doesnt if she loves him now.
roc: no he is getting in your head man thats what he wants so yall will break up and kristinia is his.
ray: yea i guess. but i gotta go talk to kristinia before we go on.
(the Dressing room with the girls)
Kristinia’s POv
mel: so whats up with that sitituation?
josiee: yea looks like someone has a crush.
kris: noo.
ari: was jacob still flirting? (girls stare at her/krissy) what its a long story and aparently getting longer.
kris: jacob was sooo flirting with me BIG time! He even told me that ray was going out tonight but not with me! and the person he is was on the phone with him and he said that he missed them and was talking a mushy too!
mel: whoah thats messed up!
josie: why would ray do that!
ari: he isnt, jacob is just trying to get in you guys head so yall would breakup and you would cry to him and you would be his girl.
mel: makes sense kristinia.
josie: yea dont let jacob split you guys apart yall are too cute and such a stronge couple to let someone like jacob get in the way of that.
ari: yeah just go talk to ray..
kris: i dunno who was he gonna go out tonight with? It probably is with a girl.
josiee: dont think like that krissy.
kris: how can I not if he is going out tonight to meet up with someone that would most definetly with a girl.
mel: its gonna be okay. (the girls hug her while she starts to tear up)
(then ray knocks and comes in to talk to kristinia so the girls leave)
ray: kristinia i need to talk to you.
kris: oh why dont you have to be somewhere tonight without me. (gets ready to leave but ray blocks her way) move.
ray: no, what are you talking about?
kris: oh like you dont know, what gonna meet up with the girlfriend number 2 who you miss so much? (she tries to leave again but ray grabs the door handle) move!
ray: no this is rediculous kristinia just listen.
kris: why should I you dont care since you were aparently going out tonight without me to meet up with someone secetly.
ray: ugh i-i-i was gonna g-g-go.
kris: excatly cant think of an excuse to why you are going?
(grabsand kisses her and pins her to the wall)
ray: look i was gonna go somewhere tonight because I was gonna set up a date for me and you (she is speechless and starts to tear up)
kris: what?
ray: yea the person i said i missed so much was my cousin that works at the place i was gonna take you to. (kristinia covers her face while tears coming down her cheeks she lays face down on the couch) dont cry babygirl i am sorry.
kris: no you didnt do it. i did i was so mean to you and you were trying to do something nice for me. ugh i feel horrible now!
ray: no babygril you shouldnt i would be mad to if i was in your position too.
kris: i am sorry. (turns around is laying down facing ray he gets on top of her)
ray: babygirl its okay i dont like seeing you upset, lets just let this go and yes i was gonna take you out tonight but if you really want to go to jacob party then-
kris: no no no i dont. I think he was the one that was trying to make me mad at you. I should have talked to you instead of asuming things i feel so horrible.
ray: stop, i am over it and jacob shouldnt have done that and he said that you were starting to like him and you were mad at yourself for going through with that.
kris: WTH!! he did that!!
ray: yupp (he smacks her butt) what did i say about cussing?
kris: i am sowwy wayway.(pouts then ray kisses her)
ray: its okay because i am not gonna let jacob’s a** get in the way of our relationship.
kris: yea and i promise you i dont like him. He totally made that up. I dont like him i like you and he was flirting with me but i would always ignore it or go to someone so i wouldnt be near him.
ray: see I so trust you, thats my babygirl even if a guy like that that girls faint for you still were faithful to me.. (kisses her and leads to a makeout session the guys and girls barge in)
eb: whoa!
mel: i see someone is not mad anymore.
prod: that my boy getting it in.(melissa playfully hits the back of his head) aye!
mel: stop talking.
prod: i am sorry baby (hugs melissa and kisses her cheek)
ray: yea we are coo, jacob tried to break us up though.
josie: thats messed up.
ray: so tonight you guys can go to his party if you want but me and babygirl are going out somewhere special. (kisses her cheeks while she is sitting in his lap)
girls: awh!!
prince: I dont think we should go.
prod: nah its just a party there will be more halloween party.
roc: yea we dont want some dude wrecking yall’s relationship.
kris: awh yall are so sweet (hugs the guys)
Keisha: girls yall are going on in 5 minutes.
girls: ah!!! (the boys hug their girls and comfort them saying its gonna be okay and they are gonna kill the show the girls go out and perform.. and kill it,they sneak under the stage and kisses their boyfriends good luck before keidha could find out.. they go backstage and watch their boyfriends perform.)

prod: well guys we love yall and we just wanted to say goodnight and rough diamond girl group are awesome!! (the crowd cheers and the girls come out on stage)
kris: we want to say we love yall yall are wesome and goodnight, ******************are awesome. (the crowd cheers)

( the boys head to their dressing room and the girls head to theirs.the girls walk in and see gifts for them on their chairs)
joseleen: awh my rocky gave me a huge stuffed bear awh ( )
mel: awh my prodigy gave me a stuffed bear awh my prody bear did this for me! i love it! ( )
ari: my principe got me a hello kitty ( )
kris: My babyboy got me a cute piggy wiggy ( )
(the boys come in with huge smiles)
prince: do yall love yall’s.. you did great performing and killed it gifts?
girls: yes!! (the girls hug and kiss their bf thank you)
kris: they are adorable! (hugs ray and kisses his cheeks) girls say it despicabley with me..
girls: its so fluffy (the little girl from despicable me, they laugh)

How do think ray and kristinia’s date will go? where are they going? will ray’s cousin be there? will jacob be mad because they arent going to show up at his party?
still writing more!! please keep reading..

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