First vision

Chapter 1 of Visions

Katt3636 by Katt3636

It all started febuary 2, 2029 my 19 birthday, i was walking to an audition for a new movie. I sat down in the 2nd row and the 4th seat. I was waiting for them to call my number it was 88 so when i was waiting i practiced my lines and played games on my iphone14 i had gotten just it today for my birthday. A couple of hours later i hear my number.

Receptinost; 88 your up

I was so nevous but i told myself to be brave and try not to throw up on anyone this time. I was walking tworad the tent were they were holding auditions i got there and steped onto what looked like a make shift stage it was a couple peices of wood nailed together. The judges gave me an actor to play the other lines.

Judges; whats your name

Elizabeth; my name is elizabeth but please call me lizzy for short

Judges; ok lizzy what part will you be auditioning for

Lizzy; samantha barns

Judges; ok go ahead we dont have all day

Lizzy;(but mom i want to go to art school please)

Actor;(im sorry its just to far away and..i..i..i just

Lizzy;(yeah waht is it mom)

Thats when it happend i blacked out and had my first vision. Here is what happend in the vision…..

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