Fishing Trip Part 1

Chapter 15 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

It was early in the morning and everyone decided to go fishing. Emma, Carlyn and Julianna were packing lunch while James and Teddy were getting the boat ready. “I just finished the last sandwich.” said Carlyn putting the bread on top. “do we need to worry about dark fairies getting on the boat?” asked Julianna. “No, We put a spell were it will detect if an evil fairy gets on or is near.” responded Carlyn dropping sandwiches into a cooler. “Oh… Well thats cool, but my mom said i could only stay to help make sandwiches. Bye” said Julianna as sped off toward the door. “That was weird.” said Emma looking at the door. “Ok so you have the rods?” asked Teddy “yes, but i have a few rules on my boat, do not scratch it or jump off of it ok?” said James looking strict. “Dang when did you get strict?” asked Teddy as he put the pillows down on the seats of the boat. “Its my dads boat and we are going to human water’s.” answered James. They all were sitting on the boat while James was steering. “What do you think you are going to catch?” asked Teddy as he got a Coke out of the cooler. “I dont know but I can catch a shark with my water grip.” grinned Emma. “No magic in human areas Emma.” Said James as he started to speed up. “No fair.” Said Emma crossing her arms. “Hold on.” Said James. The boat went up and down. Ahh!" yelled Carlyn. She went high in the air but Teddy caught her in his lap. Teddy grinned while Carlyn blushed. Okay lets stop here. They got the rods out and set the bait up.

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