Fishing Trip Part 2

Chapter 16 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

They soon each had a pole and there bait was in the water. “I got a bite!” Yelled Carlyn. James and Emma pulled up, Teddy was in the back room getting some more bait. Carlyn pulled up a Great white shark. “OMG i got a shark!” just then the shark’s gills went away and It was Teddy. “Really Teddy!” Shouted Carlyn. “Nice job stupid now you have a cut in your cheek from the hook.” said James as he reeled in a flounder. “Here let me help with that.” said Emma as she got water and heeled Teddy’s cheek. “Cool you can do that!” said Carlyn exited. Just the Carlyn raised her hands and a bolt of lightning struck the middle of the ocean. “That is so cool!” shouted Carlyn. They all decided to go for a swim. Emma made an ice diving board on the side of the boat. James did a backflip, Teddy turned into a penguin and did a belly slide. Emma and Carlyn watched and ate sandwiches. Teddy turned human and sat next to Carlyn. Emma walked over to steer and the boat rocked to the side. Emma slipped and lost her balance. She was about to fall over board when James Caught Emma. She looked up shocked. “Thanks.” Blushed Emma James kissed Emma and smiled. “I will always be there for you.” Meanwhile in the Evil Fairy Base Julianna was with the dark fairy council. " We need you to have a partner Julianna or you will not do this mission at all." said the Lead Dark Fairy. “Fine but who would that be?” asked Julianna impatiently. Just then there was a gust of wind and the doors swung open. “I will do it.” Said the person. “Emperiss.” Said the second person shocked. “I go by Kailyn.” said the girl. She had dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. She wore a black dress going down to her knees. Under that she wore leggings. “And what is your plan?” asked the Dark fairy. “Well you need to hit Emma’s week spot.” said Kailyn. “We need get James to break her heart.”

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