Group party sleep over (part one)

Chapter 8 of Are Perfectly Imperfect Family (A *****************, Justin Bieber, and Diggy Simmons love story)

Ladii-Royal by Ladii-Royal

Esme POV
I woke up and got ready for school. After I was done I went down stairs to eat. A little while later Arey and Isaac come down and ate with me then it was time for school. 10 mins later we were there. Me and Arey were walking over to our group.

Roc’s POV
Esme: hey everybody
Everyone except Me&Arey: hey
Esme: I said hi Roc
Me: ok
Esme: are you not gonna say hi back
Me: no
Esme: why not
Me: cuz I don’t like you. I mumbled. I then got a text from Princeton

Princeton: I like her so lay off
Me: ok dude chill
End of conversation
Our whisper conversation
Arey: Roc be nice
Me: fine
Arey: thank you
Me: kiss?
Arey: dont push it
Me: later?
Arey: yea
Jazmin: what y’all whispering about
Elen: yea
Justin: probably $ex
Diggy: aye Roc get it
Me: you know how I do
Arey: really and how do you do?
Me: I do it like a gentleman
Arey: that’s what I thought
Jazmin: check mode
Leloni: cough* no nuts cough
Me: wanna see
Jazmin: no
Elen: no
Boys: h
ll no
Arey: maybe
Leloni: maybe
Diggy: ahem
Leloni: I’m just curious
Esme: yea
Everyone except prince and esme: O.o
Me: h*ll no
Esme: I was just kidding
Everyone except prince&esme: suurree
Prince: y’all can’t take a joke
Elen: she was not kidding
Esme: yea huh
Me: ok anyways Arey can I talk to you
Arey: sure
Ray ray: use a condom
Arey: ray ray your fired your not my best friend no more
Princeton: ha I am
Arey: yep but I’m changing ray rays spot so Justin wanna be my bestie
Justin: sure bestie
Ray: no I’m still your bestie
Arey: keep thinking that, and why don’t you make some one else your bestie
Ray: no because I have no classes with Leloni, prod and jazmin always hang out in stuff there besties, and Elen’s too quite
Prod: what about Esme
Me: cough* he don’t cough like her *cough either *cough man my cold is acting up today
Esme: you know wh (gco) by Princeton kissing her
Me: oh h
ll no prince you go (gco) by Arey kissing me
Arey: shut up And come on. We walk away from the group.
Me: Arey I like you and you like me so let’s just go out
Arey: who said that your just assuming
Me: ok do you like me
Arey: Roc I (gco) by the bell
Arey: I’ll tell you later time for class come on
Me: stupid bell

Prodigy POV (skipping to fourth period elective (dance)
Me: ok so you go forward 4 steps, then backwards 4 steps, then I turn you right, then I turn you left, then I hamerlock you then spin you out of it you got it?
Arey: yep let’s practice
We practice the dance three times then we had to stop because mr. Holley was talking about how we have a test on Monday for the rest of the period and stuff the bell rung and I left time for lunch
Ray rays POV (skipping to the end of the school day history)
Arey was doing are history project and I was playing temple run on my phone
Arey: ray ray
Me: yea
Arey: help me with our project!
Me: ok
Mr. Moreno: class clean up
Arey: your helping me when you go to my house
Me: ok
Just then the police came in our class room.
Police: put your hands on your desk and don’t move. We did as we were told
Police: now where for the stabbing of Benjamin Roman and were going to search you.
Dang I can’t believe he got stab oh well he was a b**** anyways. They searched us and let us go I went home and went to go pack my stuff for the party.
Your POV
Isaac had took us home and I went to clean the house. It was 45mins left until they got here after I cleaned the house. So I took a shower and ate then the door bell rang I’m surprised they came on time I opened the door and it was
Me: hi Justin!
Justin: hi Arey! Where do I put my stuff
Me: in that corner (I said pointing to a corner) until we get are sleeping arrangements settled
Justin: ok
Elen: hi Arey
Me: hey Elen
Elen: wyd
Me: eating want some?
Elen: what are you eating
Me: chili cheese dogs
Elen: sure let’s go (we go in the kitchen)
Justin: the doors ringing
Me: get it!
Justin: ok!
Justin: diggy Leloni what’s up
Diggy&Leloni: nothing you
Justin: nothing and put your stuff over there
Leloni: ok
Me: Leloni! In here
Leloni: ok bye
Me: wants some hot dogs
Leloni: sure
Me: ok, Esme come down stairs!
Esme: alright! Hold on
Esme POV
I walked down stairs to see Leloni Arey and Elen eating hot dogs.
Justin: the door
Arey&Elen: get it then!
Justin: ok shut up!
Elen: excuse me
Justin: I love you babe
Me,Arey,&Leloni: babe?
Elen: oh you heard that
Me: yea
Arey: now explain
Elen: well ….
Justin’s POV
I answered the door and it was ray ray and crystal? Wow he’s dumb
Me: hey ray ray hey crystal
Ray&crystal: hey
Me: put your stuff down over there
I sat down and then the door bell rang it was Roc, prod, prince and jazmin
Me: hey guys
Them: hey
Me: put your stuff over there
Them: ok
Then all the girls in the kitchen ran out
Areys POV
Me: hi Roc, Princeton, prod, jazmin, ray ray, crystal, and diggy. Wait why is she here Ray Ray!
Ray: I invited her best friend
Me: she gotta go.
Ray: please let her stay for me best friend
Esme: h*ll no
Roc: ho* was any one ahhhh!! (I grabbed his stuff)
Me: shut up then
Roc: ok ok just let go of daddy Roc
Me: daddy Roc? You named your stuff
Roc: yea it’s sounds tight when you scream it
Me: I’m not screaming any thing but SHUT UP and yea ray ray she can stay
Ray: thank you. Ray jumped on me and kissed my cheek
Me: get off now and your welcome. Then isaac came down stairs.

Isaac’s POV
Me: who are y’all
Arey: well this is ray my best friend
Esme: this Princeton my boyfriend
Everyone except esme&prince: BOYFRIEND.!.? SINCE WHEN.?
Prince: since yesterday.
???: I feel bad prince
Arey: shut up big bro this is Roc
Roc: her boyfriend
Arey: no
Me: why do they call you Roc?
Roc: its my name because I have (gco)
Arey: Roc hard abs
Me: oh well what’s your real name
Roc: Trey
Me: this is the boy you like Arey, its all she talks about. Roc this Roc that
Roc: oh really
Arey: no Isaac stop lying I do not talk about Roc in front of you
Roc: so you talk about me still just not in front of him
Arey: no now shhh
Esme: this is jazmin
Arey: this is prodigy my dancing buddy
Esme: this is Elen
Me: hey cutie
Elen: hi (she blushed)
Arey: she has a boy friend but this is diggy
Esme: this is Leloni
Arey: this is crystal
Arey: and last but no least this is my best friend Justin
Justin: hey you look like diggy
Everyone : yea
Justin: wait your the one that got in a fight yesterday
Your POV
Me: fight with who
Isaac: Benjamin
Me: so you stabbed him
Issac: …
Me: did you!!
Isaac: yea
Whoop whoop
Isaac: the cops are coming
Me: no we need you (I was crying)
Isaac: no tears now listen boys I need you to take care of my sister and Esme promise me
Whoop whoop
Isaac: hurry there
Boys: we promise
Isaac: especially you Roc and her best friends
Isaac hugged me and kissed my cheek. I’ll be back I promisE
Police: come out with r hands up Isaac Williams. He hugged me one last time and said
Isaac: Justine Williams es el centro clave de (Justine Williams is the key heart)
: hcuál se supone que significa eso. (what’s that supposed to mean)
Isaac: usted sabrá cuándo es el momento por si acaso (you will know when the time is right just in case)
Me: I love you
Isaac: I love you too see you later sis
He left and the cops wereYoucking up I waved bye and he just nodded his head. I started to cry
Roc’s POV
I went up to Arey and held her in my arms, 30mins later she cried her self to sleep.
Me: where’s her room
Esme: upstairs the one with the walls covered with wiz Khalifa posters
Me: ok
She wakes up
Me: nice going ray ray
Prod: I’m bored
Elen: let’s play a game then
I looked at Princeton and shook my head plan “got to know” is in affect

Authors POV
Princeton: let’s play WDYL
Arey: what’s that
Prince: before I tell you have to be honest and we all have to play
Everyone except prince: ok so what is it
Prince: it’s called who do you like food edition do you have whip cream, a empty bottle, and chocolate syrup
Arey: yea
Prince: go get it (she went and the kitchen and grab yet stuff and have it to me)
Arey: alright here now how do play it
Prince: who every you like or ever liked you put chocolate or whipped cream where ever and lick it off
Everyone except prince: ok
Leloni: I’ll spin it first (she spinned it, it lands on prod) he takes the chocolate and jazmin in the middle of the floor.
Prod: lift up your shirt (she does and he pours it on her and licks it off slowly)
Jazmin: mmm prod
Diggy: cough* moaner cough
Jazmin: sh-shut up ( prod was done and Esme threw jazmin a towel to wipe th chocolate off
Elen: your turn jazmin (she licks with chocolate prods and Roc’s stomach)
Justin: your turn Roc (Roc grabbed you and the whipped cream and put you in the middle of the floor, you lefted up your shirt)
Roc: Nuh uh open your mouth
Arey: no
Roc: prince what are the rules
Prince: you can lick it anywhere
Arey: ok (you opened your mouth and Roc filled it up with whipped cream and took it all out with his tongue then stopped)
Prince: you missed a spot (Roc picked you up and sat you on his lapped and French kissed you but you pulled back he looked kinda sad but he shook it off. (he licked jazmins stomach)
Ray: your turn arey let’s see who you like or use to like
Arey: ok umm come here
Everyone except Arey: who
Arey: ngffstin
Prod: stop mumbling now who
Arey: ok gosh Justin
Elen: what!
Esme: calm down she don’t like him no more
Justin: you used to like me
Arey: yea you were really cute to me
Justin: oh (he blushed)( she grabbed his hand and got the chocolate, poured it on him, and licked it off
Arey: ok prince come on
Prince: ok where you licking
Arey: pay back the neck
Prince: ohh that’s a bad punishment (he said sarcastically) you grabbed him put whipped cream on his neck and licked it off but after it was all gone you sucked his neck harder and deep.
Prince: A-Arey that’s e-enough (I kept going)
Roc&Esme: AHEM (you stopped)
Arey: sorry ok come here Roc
Roc: you like me!?
Arey: maybe, maybe not the game is if you like them or used to like them.
Roc: just answer the question please
Arey: hold on (you grabbed him in the whipped cream and he lifted up his shirt)
Arey: Nuh uh open your mouth (he opened his mouth, you filled it with whipped cream, you leaned forward hesitantly, and your lips met his you licked all the cream out of his mouth)
Arey: does that answer your question
Roc: (dazed a little) um yea
Everyone except Roc: hahahahaha
Roc: shut up
Crystal: is that all or are you gonna kiss ray ray too
Arey: matters as fact I dont like ray but what would you do if I do this (I jumped on ray ray, looked into his eyes, and kissed him. Surprisingly he he kissed back)
Roc: WOW do you really like me or what (he walked off) and I pulled back from ray ray
Arey: let me go talk to him
Crystal: b
*** I know you didnt not just kiss my man Im about to beat your a$$
Arey: ok try to beat me up after I talk to Roc
Roc’s POV
Wow I can’t believe Arey just kissed ray ray even though it’s was to make crystal jealous it made me jealous too.
Arey: Roc
Me: leave me alone
Arey: you know you don’t want me to leave (she read my mind like a book)
Arey: I’m sorry Roc crystal was getting me mad (i didn’t say any thing)
Arey: well I’m going to go to sleep (she got in bed with me)
Me: what are you doing
Arey: going to sleep
Me: why in here
Arey: this is my room
Me: oh well good night
Arey: goodnight (she snuggled in my chest I backed up a little) then her butt moves on daddy Roc
Me: umm Arey
Arey: yea
Me: your butt
Arey: Roc stop playing this game now just kiss me already. I grabbed her, picked her up and was walking down stairs kissing her.
Prince: some one made up
Crystal: let’s go now (Arey pulled back) and puts her hair up
Arey: umm prod can I use your shorts
Prod: sure (he gave them to her)
Arey: put me down Roc
Roc: no your not fighting
Arey: I don’t wanna fight her but she want’s it so put me down (I put her down) and she put the shorts on
Arey: let’s go
Ray Rays POV
While they were arguing crystal got a text from her mom that said
Hey babe I love and miss you devin
(no this h-e didn’t cheat on me I thought)
Crystal: that’s why I (gco)
Me: SHUT THE **** UP
Everyone: silent
Me: are you cheating on me
Crystal: ray ray I (gco)
Me: don’t **** with me answer the question
Crystal: yea I did but I (gco)
Me: were over
Arey: can I fight her now
Me: knock your self
Your POV
I ran towards crystal but Roc stopped me
Me: let me fight her
Roc: no
Me: for 30 secs
Roc: no
Me: please
Roc: no your to small for her
Me: please daddy (he likes when I call him that)
Roc: ok
me: thanks
Roc: thanks what
Me: daddy
Roc: good
Me: cállate pene pequeño (shut up small d!**)
Princeton: hahahaha entendido que usted y su verdad, probablemente. (I understood you and it’s probably true)
Me:yo sé bien. (I know right)
Roc: what yall saying
Me: nothing
Prince: la gente entrometida en estos días (nosy people these days) -.
Me: I know right

Leloni’s POV
Crystal: come on you little bi (gco). I sock her in the face and she falls
Everyone but crystal, me, and diggy: O.o
Me: what she talks to much and she hurt ray ray
Everyone but crystal, me, and diggy: oh
Elen: now get out crystal (she got up and left)
Everyone but Arey and me: bye h-e
Everyone but Arey and me: jinks
Everyone but Arey and me: double jinks
Me&Arey: SHUT UP!
Me&Arey: jinks
Me&Arey: double jinks
Everyone except Me&Arey: SHUT UP
Me&Arey: sorry
Jazmin: don’t start it again (crystal came back)
Crystal: can I have my phone
Everyone except crystal: GET OUT OF HERE! (she left)

Diggys POV
Girls: Awee ray ray you ok
Ray: I’m hurt a little (they all go sit by him)
Arey: you need anything
Ray: no
Arey: you sure
Ray: actually I need a back massage
Arey: comin right up (she gives him a massage)
Esme: any thing else
Ray: tacos sound good please
Esme: I’ll be back hold on
Jazmin: anything else
Ray: some sprite
Jazmin: ok
Leloni: any thing else
Ray: a pillow
Leloni: I’ll get you two
Elen: anything else
Ray: I do need the remote to watch tv and that’s all
Elen: ok, diggy give me the remote
Me: no
Leloni: give it diggy!
Me: fine here (she takes it)
Elen: here you go
Ray: thank you, and umm guys can you move so I can sit down
Boys: no
Girls: move! Now (we move and he lays down on the couch)
Wow ray rays a faker.

Elen’s POV
Awee ray rays sad over crystal so me and the girls took care of him.
Me: let’s play a game
Ray: truth or dare
Roc: your better all of a sudden
Ray: whatever man
Justin: let’s just play
Jazmin: who’s first
Me: I got a game ok (I made a circle with my hands and arms)
Me: put your hand in the fish bowl (my hands) they did it
Me: now put in one for me (Justin put one in for me)
Me: your nice so you go first
Justin: ok Roc t or d (truth or dare)
Me: wait if you don’t wanna do your dare you have to kiss everyone in the group agreed
Everyone except Arey: agreed
Roc: dare
Justin: I dare you to kiss Esme
Roc: h-ll no, **** no, not happening!
Justin: ok then kiss everyone
Roc: no I’ll just kiss her
Justin: do it (he kisses her for thirty secs)
Roc: I going to burn my lips
Esme: your not the only one
Roc: whatever umm prod t or d
Prod: dare
Roc: kiss ray ray for 15secs
Ray: h-ll no!
Prod: what he said
Roc: just do it
Prod&Roc: fine (the kiss for 15 secs and pull back)
Prod: pay back time t or d prince
Prince: dare
Prod: I dare you to kiss Arey for 30secs
Prince: ok, sorry Roc, come on mami
Arey: ok (they kiss for 30secs and Roc’s mad a little)
Prince: woah
Everyone except him and Arey: woah?
Prince: eres un buen besador. (your a good kisser)
Arey: usted es demasiado. (you are too)
Prince: Lo sé. (I know)
Arey: dont empujarlo. (don’t push it)
Prince: permite punto en el Diggy y reír para hacer parecer que estaban hablando de él (let’s point at diggy and laugh to make it seem like were talking about him) (they do it)
Diggy: what’s so funny
Prince: nothing ok Arey t or d
Arey: dare
Prince: I dare you to give all the boys bj’s
Arey: ok :)
Prince: really (he said happy)
Arey: no . Ill just kiss everyone
Prince: who first
Arey: Justin (she said shyly)
Justin POV
I can’t believe Arey likes me but I have Elen so ill just shake those feelings off. We kissed for 30 secs and it was AMAZING
Elen: ok that’s enough next person
Arey: Leloni (they kiss for thirty seconds)
Boys: dang y’all bi
Arey: no yall gay
Arey: h-ll no
Leloni: then stop asking stupid questions
Jazmin: next
Arey: you juga (they kissed for thirty secs)
Me: next
Arey: prince (they kissed for 30 secs)
Me: next
Arey: Elen (they kissed for 30 secs) sh-t little bieber getting excited
Me: next
Arey: prod (they kiss for 30 secs)
Me: next
Arey: ray ray (they kiss for 30 seconds)
Elen: next
Arey: diggy (thy kiss for 30 sec)
Prod: next
Roc: pick me because I’m not kissing you if you kiss Esme
Arey: really
Roc: yep so next
Arey. Esme (they kiss for 30 secs)
Arey: your turn Roc
Roc: no
She gets on his lap
Arey: you sure
Roc: no (they kiss for 1 min) then Arey pulls back and gets off his laps
Jazmin POV
Arey: t or d juga
Me: truth
Arey: do you have a boy friendd
Me: umm dare
Arey: I dare you to answer the question
Me: fine yea
Everyone looks at prod
Everyone except prod and jazmin: you not mad prod
Prod: no because … I’m her boyfriend
Everyone except prod and jazmin: BOYFRIEND!
Me: yea
Prod: surprise!
Diggy: for how long
Prod&me: two years
Everyone except prod and jazmin: two.years!
Me: stop repeating everything we say
Esme: stop repeating everything we say!
Roc: shut up h-e she just said stop
Esme: Arey get your boy friend before I get him
Arey: one he’s not my boy friend two you guys are irritating three Roc be nice
Roc: fine
Prince: apologize
Roc: sorry for you being h-e
Esme starts crying
Esme: no Arey I don’t think you should go out with Roc he’s a a$$ hole. (she ran upstairs)
Arey: wow Roc maybe she’s right (she goes after her)
Prince: really bro (he goes up stairs to)
Diggys POV
Me: great going Roc
Roc: I have a bad feeling about her.
Ray: so now go apologize (Arey comes downstairs)
Me: your dead
Arey: roc what’s your problem!
Roc: nothing
Me: tell her dude
Arey: tell me what
Me: that he’s only mean to Esme because she made you mad that one day at PE
Leloni: awwwe (Arey kissed his cheek)
Arey: it’s ok Roc I forgave her
Roc: I still don’t like her
Arey: you don’t have to just be nice for me daddy
Roc: yea just for youyou
Arey: thanks now let’s go apologize (he took her hand and headed up stairs)
I was walking up stairs and towards Esme room when I hear Princeton cussing at Esme.
Prince: **** Esme
I opened the door and Esme was sucking prince d-**. They didn’t stop because they didn’t see us.
Prince: oh sh!t I’m about to uhhhh (he cums in Esme mouth).
Prince: get out!
Arey was frozen so I picked her up and shut the door
Me: haven’t known prince for a week and she already sucking you wonder why I call her a h-e
Arey still was shocked
Ray: what’s wrong with her
Me: she’s traumatized
Ray: why
Me: I’ll tell you later
Ray: ok
Prince POV
I was about to get my freak on with Esme but no Roc always messes things up.
Esme: let’s go down stairs
Me: but
Esme: later
Me: fine (we walked down stairs)
Elen: you ok Esme
Esme: yea, Arey
Arey: don’t talk to me I’m scarred for life and keep your distance, you to prince and we have locks
Roc: use them
Esme: there is a thing called knocking
Me: yea nosy
Prod: what happened
Arey&Roc: you don’t want to know
Prod: I’ll take your word
Justin’s POV
Me: let’s play anoer game
Jazmin: I need to take a shower first
Everyone except jazmin: me too
Esme: there’s 4 showers
Me: 11 people
Ray: I’m taking one by myself
Prince: me and Esme
Diggy: me and Leloni
Me: me and Elen and after us who’s it gonna be?
Prod: me and jazmin
Roc: me and Arey
Arey: no we don’t go out
Roc: so diggy and Leloni don’t go out
Diggy: yea we do
Everyone except diggy and Leloni: what! For how long
Leloni: two years and a couple of months
Prod: all these secrets
Ray: prod do you not remeber your secret
Arey: yea prod I just can’t believe yall didn’ know yall bad friends
Elen: I knew I just didn’t want to say nothing
Roc: hurry up in take a shower for me and Arey can get in
Arey: again I’m not taking a shower with you
Roc: why
Arey: because daddy Roc is gonna try to mess with tinis
Roc: who is tinis
Arey: martinis is my bad/sexy girl personality
Roc: when will she come out
Arey: idk but only prince saw a little
Prince: :)
Roc&Esme: .
Prince: :|
Jazmin: imma get in the shower bye
Prod: hold on babe (everyone but me, Elen, roc, and Arey go in the shower) 15mins later everyone came out and we went in. 15 mins we were playing have you ever with alcohol.

Leloni’s POV
Roc: have you ever ate some one out
Me: yea (I drunk some)
Prod: yea (he drunk some)
Justin: no (he passed it)
Elen: no (she drunk some)
Arey: no (she passed it)
Roc: yea (he drunk some)
Arey: remind me never to kiss you
Jazmin: no (pass it)
Esme: yea (drinks some)
Arey&Roc: hahahaha
Prince: no (pass it)
Ray: no (pass it)
Diggy: yea (drink some)
Diggy: have you ever had $ex I’m a public place
Everyone except Arey and ray: yea (we drunk some)
Ray: confession I’m still a virgin
Arey: confession I’m still a virgin too
Everyone except Arey and ray: VIRGIN?
Arey: yea
Roc: not *cough for long *cough
Arey: Roc you couldnt handle me even if I’m a virgin
Justin: oh sh!t she on you bro
Prod: you just got burned bro
Roc: let’s make a bet than
Arey: what is it
Roc: if we go out and if I hit it I bet you I will make your legs paralized for a week
Arey: oh your on
Leloni: I’ll bet that Arey will rock you
Justin: bet she won’t
Arey: ok so boys your on Roc’s side
Prod: no I take your side
Diggy: me too
Arey: so you girls are on my side
Esme: yep
Jazmin: yep
Leloni: yep
Elen: no sorry
Roc: so what do we get win my team win
Arey: um 50 bucks each
Roc: ok what do you want
Arey: your team has to be our slaves for a week
Roc: deal
Arey: deal (they shake hands)
Me: what time is it
Justin: 1:30 am
Me: I’m sleepy
Diggy: oh
Me: I said I’m sleepy
Diggy: me too which room do we use
Arey: well me and Roc will share my dads room
Esme: me and prince will take my room
Arey: prod and jasmin can take my room, ray ray can take the basement, diggy and Leloni can take isaac’s room, and Justin and Elen can take the guest room cool
Everyone except for her: yea
Everyone: goodnight (we all go to our rooms)

Roc’s POV
Me: good night beautiful
Arey: good night Roc (she was tossing in turning)
Me: Arey
Arey: yea
Me: can you stop moving
Arey: I’m uncomfortable
Me: here (I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close)
Me: better?
Arey: yes thank you and good night (I kissed her cheek)
Me: goodnight (6 mins later jazmin is screaming we here her through the walls)
Jazmin: prodigy uhhhh mmmm uh prodigy mmm go faster
Arey: what the heck
Me: are they having $ex
Arey: I think
Me: there $ex songz is neighbors know my name
Arey: haha Trey songz have good music but I would like another song
Me: like what
Arey: a slow Chris brown song
Me: oh and you know there in your room
Arey: awwe my incredible hulk sheets
Me: hahaha (she pinched my nipple)
Me: ouch let go babe (she let go) and turned around
Arey: babe?
Me: Arey your driving me crazy this game your playing is killing me
Arey: Roc what game
Me: nevermind (I turned around away from her face)
Arey: Roc are you mad
Me: well your playing with my emotions
Arey: oh like you do with ever girl
Me: no I don’t
Arey: Roc you’ll do anything that has legs, can breath, and has a girl parts
Me: that’s not true
Arey: what ever Roc (she got up)
Me: were you going
Arey: for a walk don’t stay up
Me: Arey wait I (gco)
Arey: I’ll be back
Me: were are you going to be just in case something happens
Arey: I’ll be with ray ray
Me: just stay ray rays probably sleep
Arey: fine (she got in bed and i wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close) she tried to get out of my grip
Me: don’t fight it I know you like it
Arey: no I don’t
Me: ok (I let go) she kept tossing and turning (I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close) again but this time she didn’t fight it, a couple of mins later I heard soft snores she went to sleep what a day.

I snuck in the kitchen to get the tacos Esme bought from jack in the box. I got it then diggy and justin came in the kitchen.
Diggy: what are you eating
Me: tacos duh
Justin: fat a$$
Music: soon as we get started make love going hard I hear a
(knock knock) knocking on the wall
And as soon as I go deep getting it in then again there’s a
(knock knock) knocking on the wall
Me: who the h-ll is that prince?
Diggy: probably because you know esme a (gco by Esme walking in)
Diggy: heyyy Esme
Esme: hi? Why are y’all making so much noise, turn that music off, and ray ray what are you eating?
Me: taco
Esme: fat a$$. She mumbled
Me: h-e. I mumbled but she didn’t her me
Esme: what’s that music
Diggy: we thought it was you and prince
Me: so if it’s none of us then it’s
Justin: Roc
Everyone: nahh he ain’t hitting that
Me: so it’s prod
Diggy: that’s my boy
Me: I gotta give he props
Esme: what ever you guys are dumb mr. Virgin
Diggy: I’m not a virgin
Justin: me too so go some where with all of that
Esme: I was talking about ray ray
Ray: so h-e, suck my d!** for doe, but I got to warn you my pubic hair looks like Princeton’s Afro
Justin: ohh sh!t ray ray on yo head
Esme: SHUT THE **** UP B-*** A$$ ***** I WILL KILL YOU
Diggy: he was just kidding take a joke (Roc comes down stairs)
Roc: why you yelling you about to wake Arey up (prince comes out of there room)
Me: you sprung
Roc: no I’m not
Me: hey Arey (I lied)
Roc: where
Me: rocs in love
Diggy: u got it bad bro
Roc: what ever, shut up, and go to bed! Oh and one more thing
Justin: what is it
Roc: suck it (he went up stairs)
Justin: Roc! Arey said make her some ham burgers (he came down stairs)
Roc: ok
Diggy: he was jk you sprung bro
Roc: shut up (he went upstairs)
Me: whipped
Justin: I know well goodnight
Diggy: goodnight (they leave)
Me: goodnight
Esme: let me have a taco
Me: here don’t tell any one or you die (I ran out of the kitchen, went to the basement, and went to sleep)

Arey !) hoped you liked it . Preview on next chapter

Roc’s POV
Arey: what was that noise
Me: oh Princeton threw elisee in the pool, ran away, and knocked the vase over
Arey: Roc go get her she can’t swim!
Me: stop playing
Arey: I swear go save her she’s gonna drown!!! (she started crying)
Me: ok (I ran to the pool and took off my shoes) I jumped in and took her out she was unconscious

Who’s elisee? Did she survive? Did jazmin and prod do the nasty? How is the rest off the sleep over going to be ? Roc and you ? Playing Hard to get towards roc how long will he play? Esme is a h-e “havent even known prince for a week and Is already sucking” roc says! Awee ray rays single comment if you want to be his new girl answer these questions

Name and nickname
Birthday and age
Favorite color
What you look like: skin Color hair ect.
Personality and why you want to be is girl but there’s a catch you have to be a subscriber and I’ll need other parts later in the chapter Arey subscribe and comment I need feed back on the story and if it is good :)

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