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Chapter 30 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

Emma strolled through the forest looking for a deer, or something to shoot at. She looked and found a deer. She chased it to the river bed and took aim. then missed. “Nice shot” taunted something from the riverbed. “Show your self!” yelled Emma as bullets of water levitated in the air. “Don’t worry, I’m just a fresh water siren.” said a voice from the river. Emma turned and saw the upper body of a boy and waist down in the water, a tail. “Don’t you guys sink ships” Emma asked letting the water bullets drop in the water. “Well, I’m a fresh water and sense I’m a guy, i don’t think most guys will be attracted to a guys voice, me on the other hand.” he said flexing his arm. “I’m the catch of the day, get it!” he grinned at Emma. She let out a giggle. “Well sense I can’t shoot I might as well fish” said Emma diving in the water. “Humans can’t breathe underwater dumbo.” He said diving in. Emma had her air bubble around her head. “Whoa, aren’t you supposed to be extinct?” he asked in amazement. Emma glared at him “Girls are still around, you probably just aren’t able to get any?” Emma snickered. he rolled his eyes. “I meant water fairies and can’t your breathe underwater?” he asked. “I have never tried, whats your name?” she asked. “Jackson, and here let me show you.” he said getting a knife and popping her bubble. " What are you doing! I can’t breathe under water!" she said after he popped the bubble. “Hey, im breathing under water!” Emma grinned. “So what can you do as a siren?” Asked Emma swimming around. “Well i can change my features.” he said morphing his hair blue. “Like animals or people?” she asked. “nah, just people.” he said. She looked around and saw a bull shark about a yard away. “there’s a shark, whats going on.” Emma said scared. “They come here when summoned, don’t worry they don’t come close to water magic.” he said relaxed. “Than why is it charging this way teeth baring.” Emma yelled swimming away as the shark chomped. Jackson kicked the shark on the nose and swam. “There, go toward the cave!” he screamed as they got to shore. They got in a large hollow glowing cave. “Whats this?” Emma asked. Jackson went deeper in the cave. His eyes were wide. “we need to go somewhere.” He had morphed into a human with pale skin instead of scales, Dark black spiked hair and greenish blue eyes. He grabbed her hand and ran deep in the cave. “I am Alexis, I see the future and you, young one, need help.” Said a voice from the cave. It was a young girl, around eleven with tangled orange hair covering her eyes with a dark red cloak. “Whats my fortune?” Emma asked. “Its not that simple, give me your hands.” Said Alexis. She revealed her hands and had an eye on each hand. “Ew, I’m not touching that!” shrieked Emma as she jumped back. Alexis scowled. “Do you want to hear your future or not?” Alexis asked. Emma sighed and put her hands on Alexis’s. Her head threw back and her hand eyes turned from brown to silver
“You shall journey north and look for the path
On the run and suffer a siblings wrath
seven shall go and battle at will
Evil vs good shall duel it out
2 of all shall face doubt
a traitor will roam around thee
the Evil will fail but kill 3.”

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