Happy Birthday part 1

Chapter 19 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

Emma and Carlyn were hanging out at Emmas place when James and Teddy burst in the door. “Hey guys.” Said Emma reaching for some popcorn. “We have plans for next week.” said James exited. “Really? You never have had plans before!” grinned Emma. “That’s just cold.” said James. “Lighten up, at least you have a girlfriend.” said Teddy looking away from Carlyn. “So what are the plans for next week?” asked Carlyn. “We got tickets to a concert!” yelled Teddy exited. " For who?" said Carlyn happy. “It’s a surprise for your birthday next week.” grinned James. “Is it my surprise letter to hogwarts!” yelled Carlyn jumping out of her chair. “Who is going to break it to her that hogwarts is fake.” whispered Teddy to Emma and James. “Wait its fake!” said James Shocked. Teddy and Emma just looked at him confused and carried on the conversation. “No even better.” Said Emma. “But tonight we are going to a party at Juliana’s house.” said James. Emma and Carlyn looked at each other. “Her!” yelled carlyn. “Whats wrong with hanging out with her?” Asked James defendantly. “Oh nothing much, just that she tried to kill me and killed Logan. Other than that she’s really nice.” said Emma sarcastically. “So let’s get ready to go to the party.” said james. They all got ready and drove over to the party. “So by the way, who is logan?” asked Teddy. Carlyn blushed and looked down. " He was my boyfriend until Julianna killed him when we were fighting her." said Carlyn. “Oh…. I’m sorry i asked.” said Teddy looking down. “No its fine. good to get that out.” said Carlyn. Teddy gave her a little hug and walked away. “Welcome to the party.” said Julianna friendly inviting them in. They walked in to a house filled with people. “Join the party!” grinned Julianna. they decided to take a load off for once and danced. Just then there was a scream outside.

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