Happy Birthday part 2

Chapter 21 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

It was Carlyns Birthday. Emma, James and Teddy threw a party at Emma’s house. “So when are we going to the concert?” Carlyn asked after a few hours. “It starts at 10:30, we can leave at 10:00.” Emma said handing a drink to someone. After the party was finished James,Teddy,Emma and Carlyn left for the concert. They walked into a huge field area with a big stage. “Oh My Gosh! It’s a Taylor Swift concert!” Yelled Carlyn. “Lets get to the back area and lay out a blanket.” said Emma scoping out for a spot. They sit down and wait for Taylor swift to come on stage. “Who are they?” asked Emma pointing to a crowd of people. “Oh them, they are the crusaders. They are a group of tough guys who go for every girl. You guys should stay away from them.” said Teddy as he laid out a blanket. “How do you know so much about them?” asked Carlyn. “No reason.” Said Teddy looking down. They just ignored it and then Taylor came out. She sand “Shake it Off”. Just then the ‘Crusaders’ came over. “Hey ladies, I’m Justin, that’s Brandon and Jeremy. Wanna dance?” asked Justin grinning at Emma and Carlyn. “ugh, no we are fine.” said Emma holding James hand. “What? did i hear you correctly.” Said Justin looking irritated. “Back off!” yelled Teddy getting up, his eyes turning a fierce gold. “Oh hey there lil teddy.” grinned Justin shoving Teddy back. “Do you know him!” Carlyn shouted getting up. “he’s my older brother.” snarreled Teddy.

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