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Chapter 14 of Reality (******************Love Story) FINISHED

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[Victoria POV]

So I’ve been hearing stories about what happened in DS & **’s music class, but I wanna know the truth.

“So what happened with Jake when he was singing Boyfriend in music class?” I asked DS when I sat down at the lunch table.

“I heard Jake was singing to girls in the class,” Steph said.

“Ditto,” Nikki said.

“Yeah, he was,” Tae said.

Asia nodded, “He was dancing and body rolling down the row and on stage singing to girls.”

“Was he singing to Jazz? Someone else told me that,”

“Kinda, he was singing to all the girls though the way he did it,” Tae said.

“Oh okay. Chelsea, Jazz, what’s wrong?” I said.

“I think Delano’s cheating on me with Kaila, and we’re not the only ones who think that,” Chelsea said quietly.

“Who else thinks that?” I asked curiously.

“Chres, Jake, Ray, and Craig,” Jazz spoke up.

“They were the ones who told us,” Tae said.

“Really?” I asked.

They nodded.

“I thought y’all couldn’t stand them,” Steph said.

“Well, I think Tae’s warming up to Ray,” Asia smirked.

“Shut up Asia,” Tae said.

“C’mon, you know it’s true,” Jazz laughed.

“Ugh, I can’t stand y’all,” Tae said.

“We love you too,” Asia and Jazz said at the same time.

Then I heard Ray Ray scream across the cafeteria, “Hey, Kaila, wanna ride me?!”

Everyone started laughing and DS covered their mouths and looked down, trying not to ctfu.

“Ugh, shut up Rayan, that’s why Mario was fighting you!” Kaila rolled her eyes.

“Um, excuse me hoee, but Ray beat his asss!” Chres said.

“No one asked you Chres!” Kaila shouted. “And I’m not a hoee!”

“Say that to Jason, Delano, and Brandon’s diicks!” Jacob threw in. This is hilarious.

“OOOOOHHHH!” chorused through the lunch room.

“Don’t talk about my girl like that, I’ll beat your asss like I did Craig!” Delano said.

Uh-oh. One look at the other 6 girls at my lunch table showed that shyt was about to go down.

“1st of all, I beat your asss!” Craig started. “Second, now Kaila’s your girl. I thought you loved your girlfriend Chelsea!”

“Ha, that’s funny. I don’t love him and I’m NOT his girlfriend!” Chelsea said.

Everyone gasped.

“So you dumped his sorry butt?” Ray asked.

Chelsea nodded.

“Chelsea, baby, don’t do this,” Delano said.

“Why? You have Kaila, why should you need her?” Asia said.

“Bytch stay outta this!” Delano said.

“First of all, I have a name! Second of all, I’m not a bytch so you can get to steppin. The only bytch you have is Kaila!” Asia was heated.

“Right, don’t talk to Asia like that!” Chres shouted.

“Aww, if you get with her you’re gonna be just like Brandon and come running to me,” Kaila smirked.

“I beat you up once, I’m not afraid to do it again,” Asia said to her.

“Yeah, I don’t think you want to make that twice in one day,” Jazz said.

Now my girls aren’t shyt talkers, but when you start messing with one of us, you mess with all of us.

“Please, we all know I won that,” Kaila said.

“Really? Then why are you the one with the black eye?” I asked.

Her makeup was coming off so you could see part of it.

“Dang! Tori wasn’t even there and she’s calling you out,” Jacob said.

“Did you tell Tori how you were gonna fuckk me this past summer?” Natalya said.

WHAT?! His Blexican self has some explaining to do.

“That would explain why she’s always tryna flirt with him,” Tae whispered and Nikki nodded.

“But I didn’t because you’re just a thirsty hoee!” Jake said.

“Fuckk you!” Natalya said.

“No thanks,” Jake said. “Plus, I have a girlfriend anyways.”

“Does your girlfriend know how Jasmine called you a womanizer today in class?” Natalya asked.

“You did?” I whispered to her.

“Yeah, but only because he deserved it. You can look at the video on YouTube in a couple days,” Jazz whispered back.

I wouldn’t say it, but I was pissed the fuckk off. She’s supposed to be my friend, but she puts my boyfriend on blast like that?

“Well do you?” Natalya asked me.

“Yeah, but it was just a joke I wanted her to do,” I lied. I’m not gonna give Natalya the satisfaction.

Jacob looked at me questioning so I pulled my phone out and texted him under the table:

Tori: I lied about the 2nd part. I knew, but I didnt wanna give her any satisfaction.

Jacob: Oh ok good. Ttyl.

Tori: Ttyl.

Everyone cooled down and Asia, Jazz, Tae, and Chelsea told me, Nikki, and Steph the songs everyone sang in music class and what happened (the fights). I thought it was sweet how Craig sang Can’t Help But Wait to Chelsea. I really hope she gets with him. He seems like he’d make the perfect boyfriend.

I can’t believe the Homecoming game is 3 days away and the dance is 4 days away, then Asia’s birthday is Sunday! Too bad Asia wasn’t having a party. She was saving up for her Sweet 16 since money’s a little tight.

All this week we’ve had like spirit days and stuff. Tomorrow is Blackout day because the girls’ volleyball team has a game. Thursday is mix & match day. Friday is gonna be spirit day where we wear our class shirt, but the football players get to wear their jerseys and the cheer/dance teams get to wear their uniforms. Today was dress-up day. Me & the girls were wearing this:

Dress-Up Day 1
Dress-Up Day 1 by mindlessmusicgirl featuring platinum earrings Dress-Up Day (2)

Dress-Up Day (2) by mindlessmusicgirl featuring wrap earrings Dress-Up Day (3)

Dress-Up Day (3) by mindlessmusicgirl featuring guess shoes

[Craig POV]

I kinda wanna ask Chelsea to the HC dance, but she just broke up with Delano. I think imma wait till afterwards when she seems happier again. Plus, I think we’d both have more fun if we didn’t have dates. Kaila may match Natalya, Delano, and Brandon. Them two niggas don’t mind sharing their girl obviously.

During class (after lunch), Delano and Kaila were in the back of the room making out. Like wtf?

Then after they stopped, Delano said, “We’ll finish this later babe,” and winked at her.

Now that’s just nasty. I’m glad Chres never went farther than making out with her and they only dated for a couple of months.

[No One POV]

There was like, a pep rally for Homecoming week today. It was Tuesday so they were gonna announce the Homecoming Court. Homecoming Court was made up of Juniors and Seniors. The two Juniors picked would be the Prince and Princess; the two Seniors would be King and Queen. Only Juniors and Seniors got to vote though.

The captain of the Varsity football team came out with the other 29 football players (JV & Varsity) and yelled to the crowd, “When we say South High you say Warriors!”

“SOUTH HIGH!!” the football players shouted.

“WARRIORS!!” the crowd shouted back.





“YAAAYY!” the cheer/dance teams shouted to end it.

The Freshmen cheer team performed first. This was made up of Freshmen who couldn’t dance but liked cheerleading. They cheered for the boys’ soccer team in the fall and the baseball team in the spring [A/N: don’t ask].

The JV Cheer/Dance Team performed. They did their two best cheers, and 2 dance routines. [A/N: The JV team had only 2 freshmen.] Jazz and Taeja led the 1st cheer, and Steph had to lead the 2nd one with Natalya. They led the cheers because they were better cheerleaders.

For the two dance routines, they had a front row and a back row. Alexis, Victoria, Asia, Chelsea, Nikki, and Kaila were in the front (in that order). That’s because they were better dancers.

Then the Varsity cheer/dance team performed 2 cheers and 2 dance routines. Their stuff was more advanced because they were the oldest. There were 7 seniors and 5 juniors on the team. That meant that next year, only 7 of the girls from the JV team will make it to Varsity.

The marching band played two songs next. They did pretty good.

Then it was time to announce Homecoming Court. The list of nominees is made by a diverse assortment of juniors and seniors, and teachers pick the top 3 or 4. Then the juniors and seniors pick the winners.

“Hey it’s Jacob Perez here and Alexis Terrell announcing Homecoming Court,” Jacob said. They always had the most “outgoing” sophomores announce HC court. The sophomores say what sport or club the nominees are currently in when saying their names.

“The nominees for Homecoming Princess: Arielle Campbell on the varsity cheer and dance team; Jaliya Jones on the varsity volleyball team; and Kylie Quinn in the NHS (National Honors Society),” Jacob started.

“The nominees for Homecoming Prince are: Leon Davis on the varsity soccer team; Randy Knight in SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions); and Brandon Jones on the varsity football team,” Alexis said.

“For Homecoming Queen: Leila Allen in symphonic band; Natasha Henderson on the varsity cheer and dance team; and Jennifer Summers on the varsity volleyball team,” Jacob announced.

“And finally, for Homecoming King: Trey Alexander on the varsity soccer team; Colby Garcia in the NHS; and Jared South on the varsity football team!” Alexis finished.

Everyone clapped for the 12 people on the Homecoming Court that were standing in the middle of the gym. Each girl got a bouquet of flowers when she walked up there. The Juniors got pink and the Seniors got red.

These were the couples with each other (though that didn’t mean both of them would win): Ari and Leon, Jaliya and Randy, Kylie and Brandon, Leila and Trey, Natasha and Jared, and Jennifer and Colby.

Natasha and Jared were actually boyfriend and girlfriend. They have been going out since the summer before their Junior year (they celebrated their 1 year anniversary two months ago) and they seem pretty serious about each other.

Afterwards, the marching band played the school song as everyone else sang the words. The HC Court exited first, then everyone else filed out to go to their lockers then get on their buses or in their cars (as the school song was ending).

[Asia POV]

While everyone gets to leave, the JV and Varsity football and Cheer/Dance teams have practice. Me and my girls were wearing this:

Practice by mindlessmusicgirl featuring wrap earrings Diva Swagg-Practice

Diva Swagg-Practice by mindlessmusicgirl featuring a lip gloss

Kaila and Natalya were wearing this:

Kaila & Natalya
Kaila & Natalya by mindlessmusicgirl featuring opi nail lacquer

“Why ain’t they wear real shirts?” Steph said.

“Because they’re slutts,” I responded.

“Girls, before we practice, I wanna tell you who gets what number. Kaila you get 8-which is Delano’s number; Natalya you get 13-which is Brandon’s number; Chelsea you get 5-which is Craig’s number; Taeja you get 11-which is Rayan’s number; Asia you get 23-which is Chres’s number; Jasmine you get 3-which is Jacob’s number; Nikki you…” the coach was saying.

I can’t believe we got **’s numbers (well okay, yes I can). I know Tori must’ve been a little upset since Jacob’s her boyfriend and all, and Jazz was the one who got his number. On the bright side though, at least Natalya didn’t get his number, so she had that going for her.

[Chresanto POV]

The coach was telling everyone that we don’t get to know who got our numbers. He said they want it to be a surprise.

“I have a question-who do you want to have your number?” the coach asked.

He looked at me to start since I was the captain.

“Not Kaila. I was thinking…Asia,” I said.

Craig was next because he was the second best on the team, and so he was the second in command [A/n: I forgot what it’s called lolz.]

“Chelsea,” he said quietly.

The coach smiled. Craig was the flirtiest but he could definitely stop for a girl he really liked. I think he loves Chelsea.

“Taeja,” Ray smiled, not afraid to tell the world he liked Taeja, though he was a flirt.

“Um…Victoria,” Jake said.

I had a feeling that wasn’t what he wanted to say, but he didn’t want everyone to think he didn’t like Tori like that. [A/N: Tori I’m sorry, u know I love u (no homo)]

I looked at Jake and he looked back-I was right.

“Don’t you mean Jasmine?” Andre laughed.

“Shut up!” Jake said. “But Jasmine’s good too.”

Coach laughed and shook his head.

“What about you Andre?” Coach asked him.

“Hmm…Tori or Steph,” Andre said.

“Nikki or Ebony,” Chance said.

“Kaila-I don’t like Chelsea,” Delano said.

“I thought she was your girlfriend,” Coach was confused.

“Key word was,” Delano said. “I like Kaila.”

“I knew you didn’t care about her,” Craig said.

“You didn’t deserve Chelsea,” Jacob said.

“Just like you don’t deserve Victoria because you’re a playa?” Delano asked.

“Well right now I’m actually not cheating on her,” Jake said. “And I don’t sleep with hoes.”

“Whoaaaaa!” the JV football team all said.

“Kaila’s only my chick for now. I’m not really dating her anyways, just friends with benefits,” Delano said.

“Yep, Natalya too,” Brandon said.

So, both of them are slutts. I guess that doesn’t surprise me.

[Jacob POV]

I know me and Jasmine have to explain to Tori what happened in music class.

“Okay, I wanna talk to y’all at the same time,” Tori said to me, Jazz, my boys, and Jasmine’s girls.

“So can y’all catch me up to speed on music class? I know I ain’t really get all the details at lunch. Did y’all kill it?” Tori asked.

“You already know girl,” Asia said to her and smiled.

“So what happened during your performances?” Tori said as she laughed because of Asia.

From the look on Jasmine, Taeja, and Chelsea’s faces, I knew Tori was really wondering about me and Jasmine-though she did care about how well we did.

“Well, Kaila went first and Natalya did the rap verse. Most people clapped outta politeness though,” Chelsea said.

Tori laughed.

“Taeja was singing to all the boys in the class except me, Jake, and Chres,” Craig said.

“Yeah, her and Ray had a little thing goin on,” Jazz smirked.

“SHUT UP!” Taeja said.

“He even stood up at one point and they were staring into each other’s eyes while she was singing,” Chelsea said.

“SHUT! UP!” Taeja said.

The girls just laughed.

“Then Ray did Hey Lil Mama-he sang and rapped. Chres just did the background words before the transition,” Asia said.

“He danced and sang and rapped in front of all the girls, but at one point he was singing and rapping to her,” I said.

“Mr. Luca asked if they had a thing,” Jazz laughed.

“Taeja flat out rejected him and ran out into the hall,” Craig said.

“He left too after telling off some girls for insulting her,” Chres added.

“Mr. Luca asked to see Tae and Ray after they came back in the room,” Asia said.

“What was that conversation about anyways?” I asked.

They told us and we started cracking up.

“I’m not gonna stop being a jokester and prankster though,” Ray said.

“I know, you shouldn’t stop,” Tori said.

All four of the other girls agreed.

“Then Jacob had to perform,” Asia said.

“How was that performance?” Tori asked, smiling at me.

“It was good,” I said.

“Every girl was spazzing and fanning themselves except these four,” Ray smiled.

“I appreciate it,” Tori laughed.

“You know we don’t like him like that,” Asia said.

Really? Jasmine doesn’t like me? Wow. That means I gotta try harder to get her-after I break up with Tori of course, since that’s her girl. Plus, Jazz doesn’t seem to go for cheating. I don’t think Tori does either. She’ll beat a chick’s asss, but she seems like she can be sensitive.

Tori smiled, so I grabbed her waist and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Jake was dancing in front of all the girls though,” Jazz said. “That’s because he couldn’t just stand there and do nothing.”

“Mr. Luca asked if he had a girlfriend too,” Asia said.

“He said yes but she’s not in our music class,” Ray assured her.

“Then Jasmine sang her song and was dancing,” Craig said.

“Why’d you sing Womanizer?” Tori asked Jasmine.

“Well uh, because-,” Jasmine kinda stuttered and stumbled on the words.

Asia cut her off, “We think he’s a player.”

“Yeah,” Jasmine nodded.

“We told you that before,” Chelsea said.

“But you didn’t have to call him out like that,” Tori said.

“It’s just my opinion, it doesn’t have to mean anything to everybody,” Jasmine said. “I’m sorry if I offended you but I told you what I thought of him already. You just chose not to listen.”

“You didn’t have to make it obvious that it was for him,” Tori said.

I don’t know what to say. I don’t really wanna be the cause of problems between friends.

“I love you Tori-as my best friend, but Mr. Luca was gonna ask anyways and everyone was gonna find out, so why not just show them?” Asia said.

I didn’t wanna cause problems-I just wanted them to get along.

I decided to speak up, “It’s okay baby, she was just tryna get a good grade.”

Tori started to say something so I cut her off with a kiss.

“People already thought I was a player anyways, it wasn’t new information. Some girls just choose to date me anyways, despite that,” I said to her after we pulled away.

“I’m just curious, what made you stay loyal to Tori this long?” Asia wondered.

“She’s different. She’s not just a hoee who wants to be able to say she went out with Jacob Perez-even though I cheated on the girl,” I said.

It was mostly the truth. I don’t think I wanna cheat on Tori though. That would ruin my chances if Jasmine does like me. I might just break up with Tori if I get too tempted to cheat. That would probably be better.

We told Tori everything else that happened in music class today too.



What do you think? Who’s gonna win HC Prince, Princess, King, and Queen? What do you think of Jacob’s plan about Tori?

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