I Love You James Maslow.

Chapter 14 of All I Really Want is to be your Boyfriend. ( A Big Time Rush Love Story)

MsJamesMaslow66 by MsJamesMaslow66

After I whispered in his ear, he nibbles on my ear. I laugh, because he smiles at me, with his silly, dorky smile. Not his sexy melt my heart smile. He tells me my laugh is sexy. I tell him its not sexy, its very dorky. James: I disagree. If it wasn’t sexy, why would I be tempted, and atractted to you sexually? I tell him that I don’t know. He just smiles his sexy smile and continues to kiss me. I glance over at the clock and realize that we’ve been in here for at least 10 hrs! Me: Holy Crap James! James: What? Me: We’ve been in here all alone for at least 10 hours! James: Wow! I must really love you, to be shut up in here with you kissing for 10 hrs! We both laugh. James decides to hook me up with some fancy designers to make me some clothes fit for me to wear in L.A. Because all I packed was my clothes from Minnesota, which was jeans, jeans, and more jeans. I tell him that he doesn’t have to do that, but he insists. So I let him take me to a bunch of different disigner shops and buy me practicly a whole new wardrobe. Then, I tell him that I’m going to go to the movies with a girl I met named Graelyn. He agrees to let me go. I tell him that its a good oppertunitie for some guy time. So he leaves to go hang out with the rest of the guys. Little did I know He wasn’t going to hang out with the guys, he was going shopping. So I get back from the movie. I find James in his apartment, in his swimtrunks. I ask him why hes wearing his swimtrunks. He tells me that he wants to take me swimming in the ocean. I tell him that I don’t have a swimsuit. He tells me that its already been taken care of. He holds up a bikini, thats green and blue, and just my size. I laugh. He asks me if I like it. I tell him yes! I change. Then I put on the dress and sandals that Logan gave me for my birthday. He tells me I look amazing. I say yeah, amazingly stupid. He says no! I was going to say sexy. I said Aww! Thanks Babe! We go to the beach and kiss in the sand. I tell him, I love you James Maslow. We kiss.

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