I Wish

Chapter 17 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

It was a week after the beach trip. Everyone was in last period (Gym) when a voice came over the speaker. “Hello students, we would like to remind you that the school play tryouts are going to be after school from 2:30-4:30. Be prepared to sing a song and leave afterward if you don’t want to tryout for a main speaking part. The play is a surprise. Also all students are dismissed.” Said the voice. “Yay! I can’t wait to try out, I made James promise to tryout with us.” Grinned Emma as she put her books up at her locker. “Yeah same, I told Teddy he is going to try out with me, we should get going.” Said Carlyn. They walked off to the auditorium to get the information. “Do we have to do this.” sighed Teddy as he was walking with James. "Yeah, I already promised Emma. said James. “We can just fly back home afterward.” said Teddy. “Okay everyone, The play this year is, Into the woods. Please take a sheet of paper and put your names, Grade, The part you are trying out for, if you have any experience and any medical history that will be a concern.” Said Miss.York handing out paper. Everyone pulled out a pencil and filled out the sheet. Emma glanced at James paper. “You took ballet!” Grinned Emma. “I took it to help with foot ball!” Retorted James. “Dude you don’t play football.” laughed Teddy. “I did when i was little.” Blushed James looking down. “yeah sure, we believe you.” Smiled Carlyn. The Teacher collected the papers. “After you sing you may leave. If you want to tryout for a main role then come here at the same time tomorrow.” She sat down at the back. “Okay when i call your name go on stage and sing a short song of your choice. Kailyn Roberto.”

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