I Wish part 2

Chapter 18 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

The dark fairy walked on stage. She sang part of a Disney song and sat down. She called everyone but then she called the last person. “Teddy.” Teddy sang happy birthday and before he left the stage she called out. “are you sure you want to try out for the wolf? you would make a good baker.” said the Teacher looking down at the paper. “Yeah i’m pretty sure i would be a good wolf. I have a lot of experience.” Grinned Teddy. The teacher just looked confused and put the papers in a pile. “Well i will see some of you tomorrow.” The next day came. There wasn’t as much people. Carlyn tried out for Red Riding hood, Teddy tried out for the Wolf (of course) Emma tried out for the baker’s wife and James tried out for the baker. Kailyn tried out for cinderella. It was a good tryout for everybody. James, Teddy, Emma and Bella decided to go for a flying session. “Ready ballet boy?” Grinned Emma. “Okay, Try and keep up.” retorted James. They spun in the sky. It was graceful. The clouds looked like cotton balls. Just then a gust of wind struck. A fairy with Bright orange yellow wings soared across the sky. “Hi, I’m Kailyn. Did you guys try out for the play too?” she asked Smiling at James. “Yeah, I’m James, This is Carlyn, Teddy and Emma.” Said James smiling. " Sup everyone!" Said Kailyn. “What kind of Fairy are you?” asked Carlyn. “I’m an autumn fairy.” Grinned Kailyn. “We should head back.” said Emma holding James hand. “Okay, bye!” smiled Kailyn. Teddy was still a Phoenix but turned back to him once they landed. “Okay, I just met them. This will be a piece of cake!”

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