Chapter 6 of Rika Luna: The Life And Times Of A Magical Girl

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I can’t believe I am doing this. I seriously can’t believe I am doing this. School had ended a bit ago, and I went home to change into casual clothing. I was so anxious and strangely excited at the same time. What really got me scared was how my dad would handle it. I nervously went down the cluttered stairs to my dad sitting in the living room watching tv. Before I could talk to him, someone knocked on the door.

“Yo, Rika!” Someone called. “I came to pick you up.”

It was Rin.

“Is that one of… them?” My dad asked. “Or did you just get a date?”

“No, dad.” I jokingly scoffed. “She’s a magical girl.”

“What is she doing here now?” He asked.

Better to tell him now than never.

“I-It’s just…” I stammered “Today is the day that we find out what magic I…use.”

He just looked at me. He held my hands like when he first found out I was involved with magical girls.

“You are so much like your mother.” He said. “I don’t want you to get hurt, but I’m not going to stop you from what you were born to b-.”

Rin interrupted with louder knocking, cutting my father off.

“Yo! Rika! It’s kinda cold out here! Let me in…?” Rin interrupted. “Wait, am I interrupting a token sappy moment or something?”

Oddly specific…

“Yes, Rin. I’ll be right there.” I called out.

I went to open the door. Rin had also changed into casual clothing. Not exactly casual, but more ‘extremely edgy looking, but in a good way’ casual. Choker necklace and excessive eyeshadow included. She really seemed to pull off that look, though.

“Brace yourselves, winter is coming am I right?” she joked. “The name’s Rin. Metal Weapon Wielder at your service.”

“I like you already.” My father chuckled.

“Glad to hear that, ‘cause I’m one of the four nut cases in charge of THIS future nut case. Spirit of indeterminate animal species included.”

“Spirit of indeterminate what…?” My father asked.

“I’ve honestly learned not to question logic anymore…” I told him.

“That’s the spirit, Rika.” Rin smirked as usual. “Any way, we have an initiation to… Initiate. We shall see you around, but we have no time to waste!”

She grabbed my hand and ran with me out the still open door as quick as possible. Talk about an exit, am I right? My feelings of anxieties and excitement increased tenfold as I was getting closer and closer to their ‘base’. Would I like what magic I end up with? Would I be actually worth something WITH my powers? It’s best not to have feelings of doubt now, but I couldn’t help it. Before I could think more, Rin picked me up and carried me as she reached SUPERHUMAN levels of speed. I wasn’t even going to question why, because it was better than a possibly torn of arm. We were at the house by the river in no time. She carried me into the house as well.

“I’m home!” Rin called. “And I brought a Rika.”

Sakurai came out from what I assume is her bedroom.

“Why are you carrying her” She asked.

Honestly, that was a good question. She hasn’t even put me down, and I feel a bit embarrassed to be held like some bride. She looked like she was pretty proud of it, too.

“Because!” Rin explained. “I do what I want.”

“You used ‘warriors speed’, didn’t you.” Sakurai droned, obviously not having it.

“Sure did!” Rin answered

“Did you HAVE to use it?”

“Not at all!” Rin said. “We could have walked, but I just didn’t feel like it.”

Sakurai face palmed, but she seemed like she was smiling. Rin was STILL not putting me down.

“You’re ridiculous, Rin.” She chuckled.

Instead of telling Rin to put me down, she just took me from her arms.

“How DARE you take my newbie!” Rin gasped

“You’re not entitled to new magical girls, Rin.” Sakurai said, trying not to laugh.

“We have an initiation to start.”

Sakurai was now carrying me. Why was she carrying me? Never have I felt simultaneously embarrassed and nervous at the same time. Carried to my fate as a girl with magical powers by… a girl with magical powers. And tornado hair that I can’t explain.

(How does she get her hair like that?)

We went down a stone staircase that looked like it would be associated with things like magic. It didn’t feel as musty as you would think, though. It was dark and had a slightly spooky theme with it’s lack of light. I really don’t want to sound like one of ‘those’ teens, but this was my kind of place. I would express my doubts, but I’ve gone through them in my mind more than enough.

“I do apologise for the darkness, Rika dear.” Sakurai said. “I don’t know what has gotten into the place.”

“I-It’s fine.” I answered. “It’s just… Can you put me down?”

“Oh! Yes. I almost forgot I was carrying you.” Sakurai laughed.

She put me down just as we entered the room at the bottom of the stairs. It seemed like a central hub with the before mentioned altar at the centre of this circular room. Amy and Rikiri were there.

“Rika’s here, ’Kiri!” Amy cheered. “This is gonna be so great!”

“Hello, girls!” Rikiri greeted. “I trust you got Rika here with no troubles?”

“Yeah… No troubles.” I agreed. “Now, are we going to start this?”

“Quite eager, aren’t you?” Rikiri beamed. “I like it!”

“Well, better now than never.” I answered. “I don’t want to keep you guys waiting more than you have.”

“That’s the spirit.” Rin said with her hand on my shoulder. “I can’t wait to see what you can do!”

“What I can do… Yeah.” I mumbled.

We were right by this altar. It had gems adorning the edges

“Are you alright?” Rikiri asked.

“Just nervous.” I answered.

Rikiri smiled warmly.

“It is only natural.” She assured. “You will see that this is the best thing that will happen to you.”

“Now!” Sakurai announced and grabbed my hand. “We must make haste! We do not want Rika to come home to her father late, do we?”

Sakurai lead me to that weird altar. Dear god, I’m really doing this! Am I really ready for this? Am I even worthy of this? Well, it was going to happen wether I was worthy or not, I guess. There’s no turning back now. Sakurai placed my hands on the altar, and Rikiri stood right in front of me.

“Now this is simple.” She announced. “From this day forth, you shall be known as a guardian of this planet, and a sworn protector of justice! Do you promise to guard the planet earth with your comrades with all your might?”

I could only nod.

“I need to hear you say it, my child!” She said.

“Y-Yes. Yes I do.” I forced out.

“Very good.” She beamed. “Now it’s time for the real fun to commence.”

She started speaking in something that was either her native tounge, or a magic spell. It was leaning towards magic spell. Rin, Sakurai and Amy were just standing there with anticipation like it was completely normal. I guess they sat through this as well. It made me wonder if they felt scared as well. Rikiri went back to a language I could understand.

“Now awaken your power and rise anew!”

Nothing seemed to happen, save for the lights dimming. I wouldn’t be surprised if that meant I failed. Everyone else was acting surprised at it growing darker and darker. I knew that there was no chance. Not with how I was now.

If only I could change SOMETHING to be better suited for this.

“Hey, what’s going on with the lights?” Rin asked. “Does this mean you’re-”

She couldn’t finish that sentence. In a split second, it felt like something was moving through my arm and it HURT. I couldn’t move. My hands were stuck to this altar and I can see my hands starting to turn completely black. Rikiri looked genuinely surprised.

“I-I can’t believe it…” She gasped. “Your element is darkness!”

My arms were now completely black. I couldn’t force out a word,as I was too focused on the pain. I saw my arms shift and even grow SPIKES before it finally stopped. I was terrified and out of breath. Everything hurt, especially my arms and (strangely) my eyes.

Rin was the first of the group to run to me. The three others in the room seemed to crowd me soon after.

“That…” She said. “Was freaking AMAZING! Do it again!”

“Are you alright?” Sakurai frantically asked. “It looked like it hurt so much! What even happened with your arms?”

She was frantically checking me all over like a mother with her child.

“I don’t know WHAT that was.” I answered. “All I know was that it hurt a lot.”

Rikiri went up on the altar, ready to announce something.

“I can’t believe what I have seen. It’s truly amazing.” She announced. “I am happy to say your element of magic is Darkness, tried and true.”

“What happened to my arms there, though?” I asked.

“That’s easy!” She beamed. “You will specialise in shapeshifting! The pain was your body converting to energy. Quite spectacularly too!”

“Wait what?!” I gasped.

My body is… whatever THAT was? I’ve heard of wanting to be something else, but this is completely insane!

“It just means you can easily convert to dark energy.” Sakurai explained. “You’re still you. Well… Not entirely. Can I have a mirror please?”

“Screw mirrors!” Rin laughed. “I have swords!”

She then summoned… multiple swords out of thin air. Is it weird that I was totally unfazed by THAT?

“I swear, Rin…” Sakurai groaned.

“Like I have said, I do what I want.” Rin then retorted.

I looked into the reflective surface of the blade. Let’s just say it terrified me.

“Your eyes and hair have changed!” Rin smirked. “You are now a bonafide magical girl!”

“Well, she still needs to learn to transform.” Sakurai added. “That is for next time, though.”

“I can already tell this is going to be.. quite a ride.” I chimed in.

“Sure is, Rika!” Amy cheered and full on hugged me. “This is gonna be SO great!”

Amy was hugging me way too tight, but I didn’t have the heart to tell her to stop.

“I called that she was gonna have dark magic, guys!” She said.

“Yes you did Amy.” Rikiri said. “But this is only the beginning of a long journey. Look in your hand, Rika.”

I opened my hand to see a hair clip in the shape of a crescent moon.

“My… trinket?” I asked.

“Yeah!” Rin cheered, side hugging me. “You’re one of us now!”

Yeah… One of them.
I have the unnatural hair and powers now. What am I going to tell my dad? Like Rikiri said… this was just the beginning. And for once… I didn’t really mind. It felt like a little bit of my doubt washed away as I stayed, said goodbye, and left home.

It felt… a little bit lighter.
(Ironic as my ‘element’ is darkness, huh?)

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