Is it fate?

Chapter 2 of Rika Luna: The Life And Times Of A Magical Girl

Ruby-Pokedex by Ruby-Pokedex

My body was surging with pain. I couldn’t move a muscle and I could feel cuts and bruises all over me. What a day for a girl like me, am I right? My vision started to fade, and I felt as if I was going to die. I could then see a small house in my line of sight were a dark figure came RUNNING out of. It appeared to be a girl with long hair and… animal ears? No, I could see some manner of creature resting on the girl’s head before I blacked out completely. I was in a state of dreaming, or was I? I could see something like that… creature the girl had on her head. This was some crazy dream I was having.

“Are you alright?” The creature said. “You took quite the fall there, my child.”

“My child…? Wait, what?”

“I can see you are confused, Rika.” She spoke again. “It’s natural with what you’ve been through.”

How did she know?! Well, this IS a dream inside MY mind. Things in my dreams could know all about me for all I know. It’s all just a dream… I hope.

“And just so you know…” She had a somewhat sly look on her face.

“You are NOT dreaming. You are unconscious, but I am contacting you in said state.”

I just staggered back in fear.

“Do not be afraid, though. No harm shall come to you.” She said in a kind tone.
“You’ve already done enough harm to yourself, really. With that fall and so forth.”

“H-How… What-”

“Oh, I’m terribly sorry. I haven’t introduced myself!” She said to me. “My name is Rikiri, Celestial Fox guildmaster of Earth’s current magical girl regime~”

She had a singsongy tone to her and expressed herself quite exuberantly. The little dog-thingy was confusing the daylights out of me. What is a magical girl regime?

“Do you know what magical girls are?”

I shook my head.

“You don’t? Well, of course you don’t.” Rikiri sighed. “Your mother never told you…”

“My mother? Why would she know anything of magical girls?” I asked.

She just blankly looked at me for a few seconds, shook her head and regained composure.

“Because SHE was a magical girl herself.” She said.

She then gave me a huge grin.

“And you are one yourself! Isn’t that great?”

My mother was one of these “Magical Girl” things? And now I am one too? Is this because I died after blacking out after the fall? Oh my god, I must be dead! How else could this craziness make ANY sense?!

“Wow, you’re awfully silent.” Rikiri said. “Anyhoo, you’re waking up. I’ll give you a better description when you’re actually awake. I’ll see you in the plane of consciousness!”

My vision was starting to fade, and I fell to the cold floor. Rikiri then gave a confused expression, which turned into fear. My vision went black, then I saw some imiages flash before me as I regained consciousness.

A feather

Drops of a black liquid

A shadowy figure

A mass of… some sort of dark mass that I’d rather not describe

And finally, A sword that seemed to have the same black substance as earlier

And when THAT night nightmare was over, I heard whispers to put the cherry on top of THAT sundae of absolute horror.

Child of darkness
Your time is near
shape yourself
to be cleansed of fear
you think you can overcome
you think you can change
but just wait!
This is just setting the stage.

“Hey.” A girl’s voice whispered. “Wake up.”

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