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me:dont touch me! you know what! id rather be with blake now cause! did you remember hurting me awhile ago hurting me emotionally, blake is the one who comforted me he is the one who makes me laugh! and the one who is not hurting my feelings!
justin:but grace,please listen to me!
me:no,justin. its done!
justin:grace,please! no! as he kneel down infront of me
i walk out of the room.
blake:justin, 1-0, she will be mine!!!
i went downstairs,and sat on the couch.jake sat beside me
me:where are the others?
jake: at the camp,they will be back later.
me:camp,why? i ask curiously
jake: idk
me: deep sigh
jake:what’s wrong?
me: justin!
me: well,i cant understand him! i really cant
jake: awww! come over here he hug me everything will be fine!
me:i hope so… then i push him you know it is weird to hug you!
jake: why? he raised his eyebrow
me: well, yoour brother wants to kill me before but its good now then when i met you its like you want to kill me also!
jake:no,i will not kill you! i promise!
me:then why are you hissing at me!
jake:well i just get attracted to you,but its cool now! i just want to be your brother!
me:really? well i dont have any bro or sis!
jake:can i be yours?
me: yeah!!!!
jake: YES!!! a sister finally! as he stand up and sit down again and hug me
me: my mom will be shock when i tell her this,that she has a son now!
jake: i cant wait to see your mom!
me: after 3 months you will! and oh! i have to call her now, i miss her!
jake: ok, see you later sister just think of me when you need me! say hi to mom he winks at me i will just go out! bye!
so i grab my phone and dial my mom’s number after a couple of rings,she pick up!
m= mary(you) ym = your mom
m: mom! i miss you!
ym:baby?grace?oh my God! i miss you also!
m: please go home, i need you!
ym: awww! sweety i want to but i cant! 3 months! to go!
m: i know it is just that,im alone!
ym:your alone?but mr,jeremy bieber called me and he told me that your staying at their house?
m:yes,mom but w/o you im alone!
ym: ahhh! baby dont make me cry
m: aww! dont cry mom im good! just be safe there!
ym: i will baby, you too! and goodluck to your album with justin! i know you will enjoy there!
m: i whisper no im not
ym:what?grace?i cant here you!
m:ah!! i mean yah! im enjoying!
ym:nice to hear that sweety but i really have to go now. just call me when you need something and please take care of yourself!
m: i will and you too! bye mom,i need to sleep last recording tomorrow!
ym:good luck baby,i love you and i miss you!
m:bye mom i miss you too
then i hug up
im afraid to go to my room,what if justin is still there?but i have to go through this, i will just act that nothing happens! but i wonder why is chaz,ryan and christian not yet here.maybe they will be here tomorrow!
i go to my room and no one is there! thanks God! i jump to my bed and lay there!tomorrow will be a new day,no crying no hurt feeling none!! and i drifted to sleep.
when grace went out blake went out also he wnt to his room! i stood up, i want to talk with grace but i was about to go down i saw her talking with someone at her phone,i try to listen,even im upstairs i can here it IM A VAMPIRE! she’s talking with her mom. i guess i should not listen,so i decided to go to my room and took a shower (i wonder if vampires are taking a bath but lets pretend they are,i know you guys dont want a SMELLY JUSTIN VAMPIRE) after showering and changing my clothes, i decided to go to grace room to see if shes there and i saw her sleeping, i wonder why is she smiling? is she happy cause she hates me? i sat beside her and stroke her hair, i kiss her forehead! and watch her while sleeping. and next morning…..

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