January 10 2017

Chapter 1 of Me

Emily_Sartorius_505 by Emily_Sartorius_505

Waking up is always so hard. But, it must be done. Today, I woke up at 7:30. Pretty early, right? Well, I am used to it, so don’t feel bad. Anyways, once I got up, I grabbed my black sparkly dress, and some black leggings and rushed to the bathroom. I slipped on my outfit, and got my pig necklace. I absolutely adore pigs, so, yeah. When I was finally done in the bathroom, half asleep, I ran into the kitchen and started to feed my dogs. Slowly, I grabbed the water pitcher, and started dumping it into the 2 dog dishes. The next step was the food. Done and done.

I go to school at 9:00 everyday, so I got into my room and turned my laptop on. Yes, I am home schooled. I go to this online school called PA Cyber. Before, I went to this Elementary school, Grandview, I stopped with that since I am in Middle School. Yay junior high. :P My first class is Social Studies. So, I clicked the link, and went in.

After what seemed like forever I was done with class. Today, we were learning about Ancient Greece. All of these wars and stuff. Poor guys. I feel so bad for them. Being forced to go to training at such a young age. YIKES. :/

My favorite class is up next, Language Arts. Oh boy do I love that. But oh no! We are writing biographies this week. That means, that we will be partnered up with someone and we have to interview them and ask personal questions. Oh goodness. Why can’t I just write about my mom? Ugh. Wait.. I hope I am not paired with my crush Jayden. He is so cute, and funny, and every time I talk to him I get butterflies in my stomach.

Okay. Awesome news. I wasn’t paired with him. Instead, I got this girl named Khadija, who never talks in class. I didn’t even get to finish the interview! She literally types like a sloth. Every 10 minutes she would finally finish typing one little sentence. UGH. What am I supposed to do? This assignment is due Friday, and it’s already Tuesday! >.<

After my little fit, I finally got to do something I had been waiting for all day. Lunch. Woo hoo. I had a delicious hot dog, and applesauce. Paired with that I had hot cocoa. Together, it makes the perfect lunch. Not as perfect as Jayden of course. But, fine.

Well, during lunch, I checked Twitter, and watched some You Tube videos before it was time for Math. Ugh, math.. Nasty little subject. Anyways, I spent like 5 minutes talking to my best friend, Ethan. He is my ex crush. I used to like him. He actually asked me out, but I had to turn him down. I mean, come on guys! I am too young. :/ But, he’s pretty chill, and we talked A LOT, so I felt better. That made math class fly by.

Awesome. The best time of the day, Science. No, I do NOT like Science. I don’t want to learn about my body, and some boring plants. Duh. I am NO whiz… Okay, so, look. I only like Science because I get to talk to my crush, JAYDEN! He is always so sweet, and just, well, adorable. We message for as long as we can, and then say our final good byes. Oh gosh, he is the highlight of my day. <3

After school, you know there is always, HOMEWORK. Well, not for me. Not today. I don’t have anything due until Friday. Happy dance. So, I am here writing about my day.

At 5:00, guess what time it is? Dinner time! Mmmm. I smell some pork chops with mashed potatoes and corn. I am in food heaven. That was so delicious! My mom is the BEST cook, EvEr. :D

After eating, I just have to watch TV, so I watched a show until 9:00. Now it’s time to publish this chapter and get ready for bed. I’ll see you all tomorrow. Peace out.

Question: What was your day like? What happened? Explain in the comments for this chapter. I will read, and reply. :)

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