Let them eat cake

Chapter 11 of Head in the clouds

Pinkone200 by Pinkone200

After logan died everyone attended his funeral. It was Carlyns birthday and Emma was planning a party. “Omg Emma when is the party?” asked Carlyn excitedly. “we are throwing a party at my place with everyone in school.” said Emma proudly. They all got dressed in their best clothes and headed down to Emma’s place. after about one hour into the party they all sat down to watch a movie. “Can we watch harry potter please!” Begged Carlyn. “of course, We are going to watch the 4th movie.” said Emma putting the disk in. They all danced and watched the movie. Carlyn was talking to a guy near the kitchen while pouring some coke. “I think Carlyn likes him.” Whispered Emma. " Should we interfere?" whisperd james grinning. “No, we are good people… wait, no were not, lets go.” said Emma as the sneaked off to eavesdrop. “So if you have read all the harry potter books i might have to marry you.” Blushed Carlyn. “Then i have the rings.” grinned the guy. “Hi.” said Emma as she walked over to Carlyn. “Hey Emma, This is my friend Teddy Lupin, Teddy this is my friend i was talking about, Emma.” said Carlyn as Emma smiled at Teddy as a silent hello. “She is the Water Fairy?” Asked Teddy curiously. James and Emma looked shocked. " you told him about fairies!" whispered Emma as she panicked. " Well he already knows, He is a magical creature too, he can turn into animals." said Carlyn excitedly.

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